Criminal Lawyer Long Branch NJ

Criminal Lawyer Long Branch NJ

Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make After Being Charged with a Crime

Criminal Lawyer Long Branch, NJIf you have been arrested or charged with a crime, there are mistakes you can make that will likely worsen your situation. The following are some of these mistakes. If you don’t understand these mistakes, or have further questions, call a criminal lawyer Long Branch, NJ men and women turn to for advice, such as Rispoli & Borneo, P.C.

The More You Talk About Your Case, The Worse You Might Make Things

As a criminal lawyer in Long Branch, NJ, we know that this is one of the most common mistakes made by people who have been charged with a crime. Talking about your case is not recommended, and while it might sound simple in theory, achieving this is actually easier said than done. It is very important that you avoid discussing your case with anyone except your criminal defense lawyer, this includes other inmates, friends, or family members. There are many cases in which police have used cellmates to snitch on inmates as a means to get a better deal for themselves. 

Phones in jail are almost always recorded; thus, if you say anything over the phone, you can assume the prosecutor will know about it. Finally, mail is opened and read. Whether you are sending or receiving something, it will be reviewed first. 

If you are on bail, your loved ones may be concerned and ask you about what has happened. You may feel tempted to explain yourself or persuade them of your innocence. It is recommended that you avoid this temptation. All you need to say is that your criminal lawyer Long Branch, NJ trusts has advised you that you not talk about any specifics of the case. 

It must be understood that talking about your case includes using social media to post information about what happened. You might feel that you can talk about how you were treated unfairly, or that you are out on bail. Whatever it might be, you should not talk about anything. It is also recommended that you be careful about posting on social media altogether until your case is finalized. 

You Cannot Claim You Were Ignorant of the Law

Yes, there are many laws; however, you cannot claim that you didn’t know about the law you allegedly broke. This is not a valid defense. It is presumed that anyone in a jurisdiction knows the laws. Even if it is true that you didn’t know the laws, you cannot say this to escape the charges against you. If you need help understanding the laws, you can speak with a criminal lawyer in Long Branch New Jersey.

Speaking to the Judge on Your Own is Not Typically Permitted

You might feel inclined to speak with the judge or write him or her a letter about your case. In general, this is not allowed. In fact, it is forbidden to communicate with the judge about any pending case. Even if you send a letter to him or her, it will very likely be disregarded. Furthermore, should you blurt out facts about what happened or proclaim your innocence during a hearing, you may be found in contempt and could face added penalties. When it comes to communicating with the judge, or any other party for that matter, let your criminal defense lawyer Long Branch, NJ respects handle everything.

If you need a Long Branch, NJ criminal defense lawyer, consider speaking with Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., right away. 


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