Criminal Lawyers Middletown New Jersey

Criminal Lawyers Middletown New Jersey

What You Should Know About the Justice System

Criminal Lawyers Middletown NJWhen it comes to the legal system, there are many misconceptions. The more you know, the better you may be able to protect your rights and interests. The following is a brief explanation of the justice system. As leading criminal lawyers Middletown, NJ residents trust, we hope this information may help you to avoid any unnecessary surprises and to also make a sound decision on how best to handle your own legal matters. 

You Do Not Need to Comply with a Police Request

In an encounter with the police, you are advised to respect their authority. At the same time, it is important to acknowledge your constitutional rights. If you have been asked to provide information or to do a certain activity, it is your right to ask the officer whether or not they are making a request or command. 

As criminal lawyers in Middletown, NJ might explain to you, police officers are trained in a way that causes the average U.S. citizen to relinquish their rights. They do so by using precise language that disguises a request so that it sounds more like an order. An example would be: “Sir, I need you to come to the station tonight.” The officer is actually saying “Sir, I would like you to come to the station tonight.”

In a situation like this, you might politely reply by saying: “Officer, are you ordering me or asking me?” If the police officer replied that they are asking you to come to the station, you have the right to respectfully decline going anywhere. If you do this, your case may still be investigated; however, you will have time to call our criminal lawyers Middletown, NJ has to offer to find out how best to proceed. 

It Is Important to Comply with Police Commands

In most jurisdictions in the United States, it is illegal to disobey any command made by police. This is true even if you are innocent or have been illegally detained or arrested. The reason for this rule to exist is that it discourages physical altercations with officers. If you have been commanded to do something, you should comply with all the orders given to you. Arguing with the police will only make matters worse. Be polite, and call a Middletown, NJ criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

Consent is Often the Only Lawful Option to Perform a Search

If police ask you to search your car, home, or pockets, you do not have to consent. Your constitutional rights include the right to decline to an unreasonable search and seizure. The only way for police to search anything is with a warrant. Although there are a number of recent exceptions that have been applied to warrant laws, consent remains the most important exception. If the police do not have any legal grounds to search you, your vehicle, or home, they will ask you for permission. This means that they have no legal basis to support the search. You can say no, but when you do, be firm, yet polite. You might say something like: “Sir/Ma’am, I don’t consent to this search. I have done nothing wrong. ” It is possible that the police will get a warrant. In the meantime, you should call our firms’ criminal defense lawyers in Middletown, New Jersey for advice. 

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