On the Job Injury Attorney In New Jersey

On the Job Injury Attorney In New Jersey

On the Job Injury Attorney New Jersey

Loss from injuries that occur while at work should never be something that you shoulder alone, which is why our on the job injury attorney New Jersey recommends should be one of your first calls. Work-related injuries are prevalent, and you deserve to have assistance from our lawyers. At Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., our team can help you in not only taking the first steps but also ensure that you receive the representation of attorneys that you can depend on. 

Reasons Work Injuries are Prevalent

Work injuries can happen without notice and are more prevalent than you may think. However, it’s important to note that some industries have a higher likelihood of injuries because of the work’s hazardous nature. Some of these jobs include construction, manufacturing, service industries, and truck drivers. Although it’s important to note that a work injury can occur in an office environment as well. The most common types of injuries in the workplace are from:

  • Overexertion
  • Being Struck by Objects
  • Slips, Trips and Falls

While employers should always provide protective equipment and safety training to workers to prevent injuries, this may not have been the case. As a result, employees may be left facing debilitating injuries. 

Take the First Steps

Immediately following an injury, it will be critical for workers and their employers to take action. In addition to reporting the accident to their employer, an injured worker also should seek medical care as soon as possible. Our New Jersey Workers Compensation Attorney stresses the importance of medical care to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment for injuries. Not only does this ensure that you are taken care of, but it also will help safeguard your claim and prove your case if legal action is necessary. If you are having trouble obtaining workers’ comp benefits, your injuries resulted in lost wages due to time away from work or permanent disabilities; one of your next steps should be to reach out to an experienced attorney.  

Consider the Services of a Lawyer You Can Trust

When facing roadblocks or complications following a work-related accident, you will need a lawyer that you can depend on to help with navigating the process. The experience will be essential when looking for a lawyer in your area to ensure that your case is in the most capable of hands. Our firm has decades of experience representing workers just like you. We want to not only provide you with dependable and compassionate attorneys, but also aggressive legal representation. Still unsure of what to do next? Please take advantage of the risk-free consultation provided at our firm to have your questions answered and for a clear direction for your case.  

Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. will share with you that the impact of an injury that has occurred while at work can be incredibly difficult. The losses you could be facing for a work-related injury call for the assistance of our firm’s experience and tenacity. You deserve to have a law firm in your corner that will keep your best interests at heart. Our on the job attorney serving New Jersey is standing by to help you; call our firm today.