On The Job Injury Lawyers New Jersey

On The Job Injury Lawyers New Jersey

On The Job Injury Lawyers New Jersey

Our trusted on the job injury lawyers New Jersey recommends from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. know that becoming injured from a workplace accident can be devastating. It may mean that you are unable to go back to work for a certain period of time, that you cannot perform the same duties you did prior to your injury, and that you cannot even do enjoyable activities anymore. We understand that injuries from the workplace can ruin more than just what you accomplish at work. When you are looking for compensation after a workplace injury, it is important to see if you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are designed to help employees get compensation so that they are not stuck with expensive medical bills and losing out on paychecks. For more information from our on the job injury lawyers in NJ, give our office a call. We want to help you. 

What do I need in order to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?

This is one of the first questions you should be asking after you have been injured at work and typically there are four factors that must be in place to be eligible. 

  1. You are an employee of the facility you were injured in. 
  2. Your employer has some type of workers’ compensation insurance.
  3. The injury or illness you have is a direct result of your work activities. 
  4. You file your workers’ compensation claim in enough time and meet your state’s filing deadline. 

In some cases, if all four factors are true, it is possible that you can easily submit a workers’ compensation claim and get your benefits. However, this does not always happen and it can be particularly helpful to have New Jersey on the job injury lawyers by your side. 

Why would my workers’ compensation claim get turned down?

There are several reasons your claim could not go through for workers’ compensation, which is why it is so important to hire good on the job lawyers in New Jersey from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. to represent you in your case. First, if you do not file on time, your claim could get thrown out. New Jersey has a strict statute of limitations for filing a workers’ comp claim, and if you miss the deadline you will not be able to get compensation for your injury. If you have a lawyer on your side, he or she will keep you on track for your case. Second, if you are a contractor for a company, you may not be eligible to file a claim. Contractors and employees have different rights, but it is very important to speak with a lawyer about what happened so that you can still find a way to file for some sort of compensation. For example, if you were injured due to the carelessness of a single employee or employer, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. We will be able to tell you what we think is best for your unique situation. 

What if I’m not sure if I got my injury while working?

This can be a gray area for some, especially if you do not always work in the office. Some injuries are obvious (you are loading boxes into a truck as part of your job and hurt your back). Other injuries are not so clear, like if you injured yourself during a social event that your company sponsored. Our NJ on the job injury lawyers can help gather evidence to show how you were injured and whether it occurred while working. 

What kind of compensation can I file for? 

There are many different things that workers’ compensation can help cover. Some, but not everything, includes: 

  • Compensation for injuries sustained in the accident, including physical therapy costs, hospital bills, and the cost for prescription medication.
  • Compensation for lost wages due to missed work. This is a very popular thing for workers’ compensation cases, as employees often cannot go back to work right after getting injured. Since this is no fault of your own, you should be compensated for the losses. 
  • Compensation for pain and suffering, and for any kind of therapy you need because of your traumatic experience. 

A good on the job injury lawyer in New Jersey will know how to handle your individual case, and be able to offer ideas for compensation that you might not have thought about. For example, a good workers’ compensation lawyer will take a look at the injuries you sustained and calculate an estimate for future costs that may be associated with your injury so that you do not get stuck paying them yourself. 

Important Steps to Take After Sustaining a Workplace Injury 

If you or someone you love was involved in a workplace injury, you need to follow these steps to get compensation. 

First, you need to seek medical attention. If it is an emergency, call 911. If not, go see your primary care physician as soon as you are able to so that everything is documented. Your doctor should also have notes in your file from the accident to see if future issues could have come up due to the incident. 

Next, you need to call the police if there was negligence or anything involved. This will ensure a police report is taken so that you will have proof of the incident. 

Finally, you need to contact an on the job injury lawyer who will help you get compensation for the injuries sustained. Your lawyer will be able to give you advice throughout the entire process and suggest different tactics to use in court, if necessary. He or she will be your guide throughout the entire process, which makes it imperative that you get along well with the person you choose to work with. 

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