Work Injury Lawyers Newark 

Work Injury Lawyers Newark 

Work Injury Lawyers Newark Thanks to the progression of technology, many companies allow their workers to complete tasks at home. While this can present some advantages to both the employers and the employees, serious accidents can occur while the workers are at home but on the clock. If you have been injured while working at home, there are several steps you can take to ensure your rights as an employee are met and that you are properly compensated. However, getting compensated for “work at home” injuries can be a tricky business. As a result, it’s important to speak with the Newark work injury lawyers at Rispoli & Borneo P.C. as soon as you can to better ensure that your legal options remain preserved and your rights remain protected moving forward. 


  1. Report the Injury  

You may believe because your injury happened when you were away from your workplace that you do not have coverage under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. However, if you were hurt performing a task for your job and were considered to be on the clock, you may qualify for compensation. Reporting the incident to your manager right away can help build the proof you’ll need to obtain your benefits. If you’re hesitant to report your accident because you’re concerned about retaliation or other repercussions, consider speaking with your Newark work injury lawyers first and reporting your accident after you’ve received some guidance. 


  1. Ask for the Required Paperwork 

Even if you report being injured while working from home, your employer may not be proactive about assisting you with a workers’ compensation case. It is therefore wise to visit the main office of your employer and ask for the required paperwork. Your company’s human resource director might be able to help you complete these forms. If you were injured badly and cannot travel, ask a close friend or family member to pick up these forms for you.


  1. Document Your Medical Procedures 

It is important to keep documentation of any medical procedures you have as a result of your at-home work injury, especially if you had to visit a hospital or urgent care center right away. For example, if you work from home as a data entry clerk and you developed carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrists that caused sudden and serious pain and required immediate medical attention, ask your doctor for a detailed documentation of your visit. The more proof you can offer your employer, the better the chances workers’ compensation insurance will cover your medical bills and missed wages. If you aren’t sure what kinds of records to ask for, your Newark work injury lawyers can clarify this for you. 


  1. Contact a Lawyer 

If your employer denies you coverage for your at-home work injury, contacting your Newark work injury lawyers can help you challenge the decision and better understand the laws of workers’ compensation as practiced in your state. These guidelines can vary, but presenting your case to a lawyer could be an important step in gaining the compensation you seek.