Work Related Injury Attorney in Newark NJ

Work Related Injury Attorney in Newark NJ

Work Related Injury Attorney Newark Work Related Injury Attorney Newark

If you have been injured on the job, you should consult a work related injury attorney in Newark as soon as possible. You may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and more. Call Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. for a consultation now.

What Are the Most Dangerous Jobs in the U.S.?

Every workplace in America has the potential to be dangerous. Even when working in a store with wall-to-wall carpeting, filled with nothing but built-in shelves stuffed with skeins of yarn, an electrical problem, a fall from a ladder, or carpal tunnel syndrome developed while teaching others to knit can occur. Certainly, some jobs are more dangerous than others. But that doesn’t mean that any workplace in America is completely safe. It is partially for this reason that anyone who has been injured on the job, no matter what that job is, should consider speaking with a work-related injury attorney in Newark in the wake of an on-the-job accident or work-related injury. Every American workplace can be made safer and every injured worker made to benefit from the legal options available to them.

The Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Some workplaces are inherently more dangerous than others. Employees stationed in these workplaces should remain particularly alert on the job because the chances are higher that they will suffer workplace injuries than employees who work at drive-thru windows or stock shelves at children’s bookstores. According to the 2016 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries compiled by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 5,000 civilian workers perished as a result of work-related injuries in 2016 alone. That means that 3.6 workers died for every 100,000 Americans employed full-time during that year. However, that rate spiked to 135.9 worker deaths per 100,000 workers for those employed as loggers. Logging is the single most dangerous industry in the U.S. Industrial fishing, airline piloting, roofing, trash collection, iron and steel work, truck driving, farming, construction and grounds maintenance are the next nine most dangerous industries in America today.

It is worth noting that the most common hazards for workers throughout the American workforce are currently transportation accidents, slip and fall accidents, and workplace violence. It is important to understand that legal options are available whenever any of these kinds of accidents occur. If you are hurt on the job, consider speaking with a work-related injury attorney in Newark right away, even if you don’t feel comfortable reporting the accident and resulting injury to your employer. Many workers don’t want to report accidents and work-related injuries because they fear retaliation and/or more subtle forms of discrimination in the wake of reporting an incident. However, workplace safety cannot be taken lightly. There are ways to report unsafe working conditions anonymously with the help of a work-related injury attorney in Newark, even if you decide against taking other forms of legal action.

Legal Guidance Is Available

If you have been hurt while on the job, you are not alone. Millions of Americans in both notoriously unsafe and ordinarily safe occupations are hurt while at work every year. Know that you do have legal options available to you. Please consider scheduling a risk-free consultation with a work-related injury attorney in Newark today in order to explore those options available in your unique situation. Call Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. now!