Benefits of Hiring an Assault Lawyer

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Assault Lawyer

An assault charge is a crime that needs to be taken seriously and demands urgent action. In legal terms, assault is defined as threatening bodily injury that results in the victim suffering physical harm or fearing for their life. If you are charged with assault, you can face severe penalties and consequences, from fines to prison time. As an assault lawyer like one from Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law will aggressively defend you from an assault charge so that you can obtain the best possible outcome. Though you have the option of defending yourself, there are many advantages to hiring an assault lawyer. 

You Have Constant Support

Dealing with a criminal charge can feel isolating and you may feel helpless. With a lawyer to be there for you at your side, you will have personalized support. You won’t have to go through the uncertainty and stress alone. Through every part of your case, they will be there to give you legal advice and answer any questions that you may have. 

You Can Have a Stronger Defense 

With a lawyer at your side, your criminal defense will be much stronger. Lawyers have extensive experience, and they have been handling cases for years. There is a strong chance that they have defended clients who have been in similar situations to yours. Assault charges can be classified as a misdemeanor or upgraded to a felony, so you will need a skilled lawyer who knows what legal strategies to use and is capable of preparing a solid defense for you. 

You Can Risk Incriminating Yourself

Choosing to represent yourself when you are charged with assault is a risky decision. During interrogation, law enforcement officers will attempt to get you to provide information, but it can be easy to make a mistake during the process. You can accidentally say the wrong thing, and end up weakening your case.  

You Can Have a Secure Future 

Criminal defense lawyers understand how to protect their clients. Using a combination of their vast legal knowledge, skills and experience, they will work to get your charge reduced or dropped. They want to be able to achieve the most positive outcome for you so that you will still have the opportunity to build your life, regardless of whether you are convicted or what sentence you are handed.  

If you’re charged with assault, take action to obtain legal support before it’s too late. Contact a skilled assault lawyer today to get started.