On The Job Injury Lawyer New Jersey

On The Job Injury Lawyer New Jersey

On The Job Injury Lawyer New Jersey 

On The Job Injury Lawyer New Jersey

A New Jersey on the job injury lawyer understands that if you work in the construction industry, you are likely exposed to various dangerous work environments. In order to prevent injuries that occur as a result of workplace accidents, you should adhere to strict safety regulations.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA has outlined a list of rights and responsibilities for both construction workers and their employers to help prevent injuries and workers’ compensation claims. If you have been injured, contact a New Jersey on the job injury lawyer from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. so we can evaluate whether or not your company violated any of the OSHA employer rights and responsibilities. Our firm can also help you get the financial compensation and benefits under New Jersey law you may be entitled to.

Rights and Responsibilities for Construction Workers

According to the OSHA, the following workplace rights and responsibilities can help protect you as a construction worker while you are on the job:

  • You may view your employer’s workplace requirements, rules, and regulations.
  • You may access important medical records.
  • You may look at records related to workplace injuries or illnesses.
  • You may collect workplace hazard testing results.

In the event you believe your employer is violating OSHA regulations, you have the right to request an inspection of the workplace. If you do so, the OSHA will inspect your workplace and search for any violations or dangerous conditions.

Keep in mind that if you request an inspection through a written complaint, you are not required to reveal your name. In addition, you cannot get discriminated against or fired for filing a complaint.

Rights and Responsibilities for Construction Employers

The OSHA states that construction employers are legally obligated to:

  • Ensure their work environment is free of hazards.
  • Provide safety tools and equipment and educate employees on how to use them properly.
  • Inform employees of OSHA standards that are relevant to their workplace environment.
  • Design a hazard communication policy.
  • Provide adequate employee training in languages that all employees can understand.
  • Make employees aware of where they may access medical records.

How the OSHA Inspection Process Works

If you file a written complaint to the OSHA because of a workplace hazard or damage, the OSHA may come to your workplace to perform an inspection of the entire workplace or one of the areas of concern. An OSHA inspector may bring an agent who represents you along.

Once the inspection has been completed, the OSHA inspector will discuss their findings with your employer and explain whether there are any dangers that must be corrected.


Other “On The Job” Injuries

There are many different professions where someone could be injured at work. Even if you work an office job, you could still be injured while on the job. For example, slip and fall accidents are incredibly common and you may be entitled to compensation from injuries sustained in the fall. Repetitive motion injuries can also be included in workplace injuries, but are more difficult to prove and receive compensation for. 


There are also professions other than construction that can be dangerous. Some injuries sustained from other jobs include: 

  • Accidents while driving a truck
  • Electrocution from fixing a product 
  • Injuries sustained at an active job, such as lifeguarding, or anything in maintenance and repair
  • People who work as police officers or firefighters and are injured at work also have rights to compensation from injuries sustained at work 


A skilled on the job lawyer from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. will be happy to help try to help you receive the compensation you deserve. You should not have to hurt physically and financially due to an accident that was sustained at work. Your employer likely has insurance that should help pay for your injuries. Contact us right away so we can begin forming a case for you. 


What Can You Be Compensated For? 

If you are injured at work, there are many expenses that will suddenly be your responsibility to pay for. Your job should help you pay for these expenses so that you do not need to deal with them on your own. Some things your lawyer may help you file compensation for include: 

  • Compensation for medical bills including hospital stays, prescription medication, or physical therapy appointments
  • Compensation for missed work due to the injury
  • Compensation for therapy that is necessary due to trauma from the accident
  • Compensation for pain and suffering endured in the accident
  • Compensation for any property damages that occurred in the accident
  • Anything else that has been an added expense due to the injury sustained at work

Your on the job lawyer in New Jersey will be able to go over exactly what happened in the accident and the compensation that you may be eligible for in a claim. Our experienced lawyers will be happy to answer any of your questions, go over all of your new expenses, and speak with you about how your life has been different after the accident so that we can make sure you get the compensation that you deserve from your workplace. 

Contact a New Jersey On The Job Injury Lawyer

If you are a construction worker who sustained an injury while working, we encourage you to reach out to an on the job injury lawyer New Jersey clients recommend from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. We can explain your legal options and help you file a workers’ compensation claim and get the benefits you deserve. You should not suffer because of negligence that occurred at your workplace. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure you meet all deadlines, have a strong case, and try our best to get you the compensation you deserve. Call our office today to set up an appointment. We will go over all of the details of your case at the initial consultation to see what we are working with.