Speeding Ticket Attorney Middletown NJ

Speeding Ticket Attorney Middletown NJIf you were recently stopped by police for driving over the speed limit, you may want to consider hiring a speeding ticket attorney Middletown NJ trusts. By doing so, you could benefit from reduced fines, increased insurance rates, or keeping points off of your driver’s license. Since 1994, the lawyers at Rispoli & Borneo have been aggressively pursuing justice for clients who have been caught speeding, driving under the influence, or accused of committing a crime. Guided by over three decades of experience and a determination to get the results each client is seeking, we have garnered a reputation to be proud of. If you would like to discuss your needs with a Middletown speeding ticket lawyer, please call Rispoli & Borneo today. Turning to a Speeding Ticket Attorney in Middletown NJ for Help If you have been given a ticket for speeding, or any other traffic violation, it may be in your best interest to talk with a speeding ticket attorney Middletown NJ respects for further advice. A traffic ticket is not a matter to take lightly. New Jersey has very strict laws encompassing these tickets and by accumulating one too many you could lose your right to drive. Regardless of receiving the ticket in or out of state, you may notice an impact. A ticket goes beyond admitting fault, paying a fine, and moving forward with life. There is a bigger picture. With any traffic violation, your driving record could be affected and your insurance rates could rise. You may also be subjected to heavy fines, court fees, surcharges, and in some situations jail or prison time. This is not to mention having to take time off work or, in the case of a driver’s license suspension, the need to find an alternative transport. It is possible to avoid or lessen the impact of a ticket by hiring a speeding ticket attorney Middletown NJ has to offer. As a firm who has confidently handled many speeding ticket violations, we understand what it takes to find the right solution to the unique needs of our clients. When you seek counsel from a good speeding ticket attorney Middletown NJ provides, you can feel confident in knowing you can be provided with professional, personalized, and affordable legal representation. Rest assured, our attorneys can help you to develop an effective strategy in a timely manner. To learn more, please call (908) 353-0800. The Goals of a Traffic Attorney When it comes to choosing a speeding ticket attorney Middletown NJ depends on, you can be assured in knowing that you are working with a legal professional who is well versed in the laws, legislation, and rules encompassing traffic violations. Using this knowledge, an attorney might first look for flaws in the case that has been brought against you. This could result in:
  • A Reduction in Ticket Penalties – This generally means that the judge will reduce or dismiss any fines or driver’s license points. Often when a speeding ticket attorney Middletown NJ drivers prefer is able to have points dismissed, your driving history may still show a record of your violation.
  • Driving School Alternatives – When an attorney is unable to get a reduction in the ticket penalties, he or she might recommend to the judge that you attend traffic school instead. By doing so, your ticket could result in a dismissal and prevent the accumulation of points on your license. In certain instances, your insurance rate could be lowered. If a judge offers traffic school, you may want to consider this opportunity.
  • Ticket Dismissal – A speeding ticket attorney Middletown NJ recommends may try to get your ticket dismissed if:
    • The issuing police officer did not appear in court;
    • You have agreed to a plea in less serious violation; or
    • You comply with unsupervised probation.
Even in a ticket dismissal, you may be ordered to be court fines and other associated fees. An attorney can discuss this in further detail. Before you decide to hire an attorney, you may want to weigh out their fees and the fees and repercussions of the speeding ticket. Ask yourself:
  • Is the speeding ticket less than an attorney’s fees?
  • Can I afford to accumulate points on my license?
  • Will my insurance go up, and how much?
If the consequences are significant and will cost you more in the long run, you may want to hire an attorney. This is especially true if this is not your first offense or other violations like a DWI/DUI are a factor. For more information or to schedule a consultation with a speeding ticket attorney Middletown NJ can count on, please call Rispoli & Borneo at (908) 353-0800 or contact us today.