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Work Accident Lawyer NewarkIf you have been injured at work, you may be wondering what information you should look for when hiring a work accident lawyer Newark residents trust?

Many employees experience on-the-job injuries each year in Newark, New Jersey and are often eligible to receive workers compensation benefits. These benefits may include compensation for lost wages, temporary payments for disability, and/or medical treatments. It is not a requirement for an employee to prove their employer exhibited negligence to inflict the injury. An employee also may not be fired if they file a claim for workers compensation.

A Rispoli & Borneo, PC Newark work accident lawyer has experience handling many claims filed for workers compensation. When looking for a Newark work accident lawyer, you should hire someone that understands the devastation that an on-the-job injury can cause to a worker or their family. At Rispoli & Borneo, PC, we understand this and have a sincere compassion for our clients and their situations, as well as an understanding of the specific court system put in place to handle workers’ compensation claim, along with the associated laws. Look to a work accident lawyer Newark trusts at Rispoli & Borneo, PC for your free consultation today.

Benefits of New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Laws

When looking for a top work accident lawyer Newark has to offer, you should look for one that is well-versed in the worker’s compensation laws put in place by the state of New Jersey. These laws are set forth to protect workers from the effects of a work-related injury that can be devastating. The law allows injured workers a number of benefits, such as medical treatment benefits, permanent disability benefits, temporary disability benefits, and death benefits. A work accident lawyer in Newark NJ will help ensure you receive the maximum amount of benefits your case deserves.

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The type of work accident lawyer Newark residents should look for have experience with the governing rules regarding the payment of temporary and medical benefits that fall under the workers’ compensation system of New Jersey. Our attorneys can file a motion for medical and temporary benefits if the benefits owed to a victim are not paid in full. This motion forces insurance companies to issue all benefits owed to the injured worker by law. We have settled negotiations on behalf of many clients throughout the years and are confident in our ability to satisfy your workers’ compensation claim needs.

If you are a worker that has been injured, you have two years to file a reopener claim, and this time period begins once your insurance company issues your settlement check and finalizes your claim. Our work accident attorneys have a vast array of experience with these types of cases, and will handle your case in an individualized manner with precision, diligence, and compassion. Call our office and speak to our staff at Rispoli & Borneo today to schedule your free consultation and find the kind of work accident lawyer Newark residents deserve. Our attorneys are here to help. Contact Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. today for a free initial consultation.

Workers’ Compensation Claims For Irregular Injuries

An employer’s workers’ compensation benefits can save many employees from large medical bills and stress during recovery. Workers’ comp can allow employees to focus on recovering and getting better after they were injured in a workplace accident instead of feeling buried under medical expenses and wondering if they have a job to come back to. However, there are certain injuries or illness that one might not expect workers’ compensation to cover.

Each work accident lawyer Newark trusts at Rispoli & Borneo, PC  are trustworthy and can help you determine if your injury or illness should be covered when claiming workers’ compensation benefits and we will fight hard to make sure you receive compensation for job-related tasks that caused an injury. No one should have to stress about having a job to come back to after being injured doing something for your job. If you have any questions regarding what might be eligible for workers’ compensation or if you would like to speak with a Newark work accident lawyer, call our office today.

Illnesses And Injuries On the Job

There are certain injuries that may seem more cut and dry when applying for your workers’ compensation benefits. Other injuries that are job-related but happened away from the office or illnesses and injuries that have developed over time can become tricky. So, what kind of injuries are these?

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Occupational illnesses
  • Hearing loss
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Stress-related injuries

Pre-Existing Conditions. When you have a pre-existing condition, that does not mean you aren’t eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if your work aggravated it. It just makes it more complicated. Your already-present arthritis could have aggravated a new injury like carpal tunnel. You might still be eligible to make a claim. A Newark work accident lawyer can evaluate your case and let you know your legal options in these situations.

Occupational Illnesses. Many diseases or illnesses can develop over time if you have been exposed to something on the job. Some of these could be black lung disease, AIDS/HIV, or asbestosis. We can work closely with a medical professional to show your work directly caused an illness.

Hearing Loss. If you have worked in a particularly noisy line of work (such as construction sites), it is probably going to be clear that your job directly influenced your loss of hearing.

Repetitive Motion Injuries. These are common injuries that can be the result of working on a computer all day or working at a plant where you do that same physical task repeatedly. It can affect anyone from those who work desk jobs to those who are on their feet all day. Common injuries are back pain, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Stress-Related Injuries. This can be one of the trickiest, but these injuries are the result of long-term exposure to stress on the job and correlating physical or psychological illnesses. While it is not impossible to get workers’ compensation for these illnesses, it is often very hard.

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The sooner you get in contact with a work accident lawyer Newark clients recommend from Rispoli & Borneo, PC, the sooner your workers’ compensation benefits claim will be underway. We care that you can perform your duties in a healthy manner and believe that you should receive compensation when your work has caused you to become injured or ill. If you are making a claim for workers’ compensation benefits in New Jersey, call our office today.

Over the years, thousands of injured workers have turned to the law firm of Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. for a work accident lawyer Newark respects. A Newark work accident lawyer from our firm can help protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve for your work injury.

We offer injured workers a free consultation during which we can discuss your case and how we may be of service. A work accident lawyer in Newark from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. can assist you in any number of ways, depending on your unique circumstances.

Construction Worker Accidents

Every year, dozens of New Jersey construction workers suffer fatal injuries while on the job. Construction sites are notoriously dangerous and employers do not always adhere to laws that are meant to ensure safe working conditions. If you were seriously injured while working on a construction site, contact us at Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. immediately to speak with a work accident lawyer Newark employees trust.

If your loved one was fatally injured while on a job site, a work accident lawyer Newark families turn to from our firm may be able to help. In many instances, workers’ compensation does not adequately cover losses from a serious construction accident injury. It certainly does not compensate families for the loss of their loved one.

Manufacturing Accidents

Did you know that New Jersey is twelfth in the nation for manufacturing? The manufacturing industry includes products, food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Unfortunately, the state also ranks high in injuries among workers in these industries. Whether it’s from equipment malfunctions or accidents, exposure to hazardous materials, or another type of accident, a serious injury can lead to expensive medical bills, loss of wages, and other damages. A work accident lawyer Newark manufacturing workers turn to for legal representation from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. may be able to negotiate a settlement on your behalf from your employer or the third-party responsible for your injury.

When Workers’ Compensation Is Not Enough

Sometimes it’s necessary to hire a work accident lawyer because filing a workers’ compensation claim is not a workable solution. Workers’ compensation benefits are intended to provide funds to people who are injured on the job. While this is sufficient in many cases, especially when the employee was responsible for their own injury, it is not enough in all scenarios. There are many reasons for this, including these common ones:

  • The workers’ compensation benefit cap is dramatically less than the damages related to the work injury;
  • Workers’ compensation does allow for pain and suffering;
  • A third-party was wholly or partially at fault for the work injury and as such, damages caused by them are not covered by workers’ compensation; and
  • The employer or their workers compensation insurance company deny the claim.

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