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Every year, many Americans are injured on the job. Some of these employees are injured in workplace accidents; they fall off a ladder or scaffolding, they are hurt by a piece of machinery, they slip on a wet workroom floor, or they are involved in some kind of motor vehicle accident. These are the type of incidents most people think about when they imagine workers compensation claims.
However, not every workers comp attorney in Northern New Jersey starts with an accident. In fact, there are two very common types of ailments that, if work-related, may be eligible for workers compensation benefits that do not involve accidents at all: illnesses and repetitive stress injuries.
Work-Related Illnesses in Workers Compensation Claims
You may be exposed to many hazards while on the job, including exposure to fumes, toxic substances, and otherwise harmful materials that can make you sick. For example, most people are familiar with asbestos, the dangerous material that can cause mesothelioma. If were are exposed to asbestos at work and suffer from a respiratory disease as a result, your employer’s workers compensation benefit program will likely cover this.
In addition to well-known dangers such as asbestos, you may also be exposed to lesser known substances: toxic fumes or mold, dangerous chemicals, or even types of dust that could accumulate in your body. These substances may cause a host of problems including respiratory issues, recurring headaches, vision problems, rashes, and itching, among others. These illnesses can be life-altering and can require significant medical intervention to treat.
Repetitive Stress Injuries in Workers Compensation Claims
Other non-accident ailments that may be covered under your employer’s workers compensation policy are work-related injuries that develop over time. Some people may refer to these injuries  as cumulative injuries or repetitive use injuries. These injuries are often caused by moving your body in the same way over and over again. Common injuries in this category include carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, back problems, knee and other joint problems, and even neck and spinal problems. These are serious conditions that can require surgery, therapy, and other medical treatment to repair.
Although perhaps less discussed, workplace illnesses and repetitive stress injuries may be even more common than injuries related to workplace accidents. These illnesses and injuries, however, still cause significant hardship for employees and can require long-term treatment and rehabilitation. Treatment and recovery can cause employees to miss work over a period of weeks, months, or even years. Some illnesses and injuries may be so severe that employees cannot return to the same line of work without risking even more damage to their health. In very severe cases, an injury might ultimately result in permanent disability or death.
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