On the Job Injury Attorney New Jersey

On the Job Injury Attorney New Jersey On the Job Injury Attorney New Jersey

When you are working at your job, you never expect to get injured. While some jobs tend to be more dangerous than others, work is generally seen as a safe place. However, sometimes things happen where you end up getting hurt while at work. In these cases, you rely on your company’s workers compensation policy and the worker compensation laws of New Jersey to help you pay for any medical bills, prescriptions, or trips to the emergency room. Workers compensation can also pay any missed wages you could incur as a result of your injury.


But what are the most common workplace injuries? At Rispoli & Borneo, each New Jersey on the job injury attorney finds the following are some of the top results that end up filing a workers compensation claim.


  1. Slips and Falls


Slips and falls are some of the most common workplace injuries because they can happen anywhere and to anyone. It can happen in the office – someone doesn’t realize the floor had recently been cleaned and ends up slipping and hitting their head. It can happen off-site at a corporate event. Maybe an employee falls down the stairs at a restaurant where the company holiday party is being hosted. Even though it is at a restaurant, it is still considered “company property” since it is a work event. It can happen while out of the office running an errand for your company or on a business trip. It can even occur while you are working from home.


Even though they are so common, some people still do not file a workers compensation claim. They don’t want to deal with the “hassle” of filling out the paperwork to file a claim.  And while yes, there is paperwork involved, those few minutes to fill out a claim could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in medical expenses. A New Jersey on the job injury attorney can assist you in filing that paperwork.


  1. Forklift Accidents

Working at a warehouse can have its safety concerns. There is heavy machinery all around you, people moving pallets and goods, and lifting heavy objects. Unfortunately one of the most dangerous workplace injuries occurs in warehouses. This is due to the nature of warehousing jobs – in particular, driving forklifts. Warehouses take safety extremely seriously. The companies understand the dangers of operating forklifts and make the drivers go through rigorous training before getting behind the wheel. But sometimes, regardless of how much training a person has had, accidents happen. A forklift accident can result in serious injuries including broken bones, loss of limbs, or in extreme cases death. In these events, a New Jersey on the job injury attorney should be contacted.


  1. Falling Objects

Falling objects is another workplace injury category that can happen pretty much anywhere. You could be in an office setting and try to grab something off a top shelf and have something heavy fall on you. You could be in a restaurant or retail store and have something in the storage room fall on you while you are trying to get to something else. It happens all the time is something that is eligible to receive workers compensation.


If you’ve suffered a workplace injury, don’t be afraid to file a claim. That is why your company provides you with this benefit and you should not be afraid to take advantage of it. To find out what benefits you may qualify for, contact Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. and set up a free and confidential consultation with an on the job injury attorney New Jersey clients recommend.