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3 Unknown Facts About Drunk Driving Charges

Drunk Driving Attorney Middletown NJSearching for a drunk driving attorney Middletown NJ has to offer might seem overwhelming at first. Anyone dealing with a DUI or DWI charge is likely under a great deal of pressure. At Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., we understand that drunk driving charges can be incredibly stressful. A successful DWI or DUI offense might depend quite a bit on receiving legal counsel from a drunk driving attorney Middletown NJ residents trust.

One problem that many drivers encounter is that they weren’t entirely aware of specific drunk driving laws in the first place. Each state can enact its own DUI laws and, in some cases, specific counties can enact their own laws. Even though many of these laws are similar, the exact penalties and punishments can vastly differ. As an experienced drunk driving attorney Middletown NJ has to offer might explain, understanding drunk driving legislation is not always easy. Take a look at some of the lesser-known policies regarding drunk driving:

1. It’s possible to be charged if you are riding drunk on a bicycle. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you would actually be charged.

Laws regarding drunk driving vary from state to state, and the exact definition of “driving while intoxicated” can vary, too. Some states consider “vehicles” to be any device that can be operated on a public street or highway, even if a device does not run with a motor. Other states only consider “vehicles” to be those that operate with a motor or operate above a certain speed.

In states that don’t allow for DWI charges on a bicycle, it could still be possible for a police officer to charge the bicyclist with reckless driving or public drunkenness. These charges are often considered less serious than DUI or DWI charges, as a seasoned drunk driving attorney Middletown NJ offers might know — but these are still serious charges nevertheless.

2. It’s also possible to be arrested for drunk driving on private property.Although this might not be as common as drunk driving arrests on public streets, it can still happen.

Most states allow police officers to stop and question any drivers if there’s reason to suspect that the driver is intoxicated, as an experienced drunk driving attorney in Middletown NJ could attest.  This could include the parking lots of privately-owned bars, of convenience stores, or even stadium parking lots. Some states also allow police officers to press charges against individuals who operate golf carts under the influence. In these cases, it could be possible for an officer to arrest an individual on a privately-owned golf course.

3. Drunk drivers can be found guilty if they are involved in a car accident — even if another person caused the accident. This is because courts generally consider an intoxicated person to be one who is driving carelessly. If a driver is drunk, as an experienced Middletown NJ drunk driving attorney may confirm, the court is more likely to assume that the drunk driver was at least partially responsible for the accident.

In this type of situation, the drunk driver could potentially be facing multiple charges, or could encounter a more severe punishment for a drunk driving conviction.

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Drunk Driving Attorney Middletown NJ Drunk Driving Attorney Middletown NJ

If you have recently been arrested or charged with a DUI, now is the time to consider speaking with a drunk driving attorney in Middletown, NJ. At Rispoli & Borneo, P.C, we have years of experience in handling DUI cases of all complexities, and have successfully won, or resolved, a majority of them in the clients’ favor. Don’t let your rights be taken advantage of, call a Middletown, New Jersey drunk driving attorney now. 

Consequences of a DUI

A DUI is more than a ticket. Rather, the consequences can be considerable. A DUI can have a dominio-like effect on your entire life. Apart from the criminal penalties, such as fines, mandatory court reporting, rehab, jail time, probation, or community service, you may have problems with other areas of your life, such as:

  • Loss of a driver’s license
  • Loss of a professional license
  • Loss of child custody
  • Inability to work or live in certain places
  • Limited travel ability
  • + More

Depending on the severity of your case’s factors will depend on the severity of consequences. For instance, if this is not your first DUI, you can expect greater penalties. Likewise, if children were in the car with you, or you caused an accident, the penalties will almost certainly be greater. 

Insurance Consequences

Following a DUI conviction, your insurance company may view you as a higher risk driver. As a result, they may increase your policy with immediate effect. An increase could be as great as 50%, and this can last for 3-5 years. In other words, if your current insurance is $1000 per year, it may now cost you $1500 per year. Should this last for 5 years, you will pay $2500 extra in insurance alone! Once many people with DUI charges understand this, they choose to call a drunk driving attorney in Middletown, NJ. An attorney is not free, but if he or she can reduce these charges or have them deferred, the financial consequences could be much less than what you would incur without legal help.

State Funded Legal Counsel

You might be thinking to yourself that you can opt to state funded legal help. What you might not realize is that this is not always an option. If you make more than a certain amount of money, you will likely not be given access to this service. If you do request it, a judge will review your financial records and make a decision on whether this is available. Furthermore, even if you can access this service, these people tend to be overworked with cases; thus, they will likely not be able to give your own case the attention it needs or deserves. This goes without saying that utilizing these services isn’t recommended, but rather, a decent amount of thought should be given to the idea first. Realistically, you should find out what a good drunk driving attorney in Middletown, NJ has to say. 

At Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., we remain dedicated to each and every client’ case. Guided by a determination and focus, our skill set enables us to utilize strong defenses that get results. By having Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., on your side, it is possible to obtain an outcome that suits your interests and overall well being. DUIs are nothing to take lightly; therefore, the sooner you call a drunk driving attorney in Middletown, NJ, the better.