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Criminal Lawyer Elizabeth NJFor over 20 years, Rispoli & Borneo, P.C.’s Criminal Lawyers in Elizabeth NJ have tenaciously defended clients, and provided them with quality guidance throughout New Jersey’s municipal courts. When you choose a criminal lawyer at Rispoli & Borneo, PC, you know exactly who will handle your case. We work closely with our clients and learn the inner workings of each case, whether you are faced with a minor infraction or a major penalty. Our attorneys will provide you with the strongest possible defense and support throughout your case. Our experienced Elizabeth NJ criminal attorneys possess the knowledge to obtain the best possible plea for you, or skillfully defend you through a trial.

The Municipal Courts handle both traffic violations and criminal matters.

Traffic Violations:

The experienced criminal law attorneys at Rispoli & Borneo, PC are well versed in handling the wide variety of traffic violations including speeding, careless driving, tailgating, driving while suspended, failure to maintain insurance, leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence. Our attorneys understand the desire to avoid a plea deal that involves points and are experienced in how to best negotiate a “no point” plea. If a traffic violation cannot be resolved by way of an appropriate plea, our experienced Elizabeth criminal attorneys are zealous advocates in trial.

Criminal Matters:

The criminal matters handled in the New Jersey Municipal Courts include petty disorderly persons offenses, disorderly persons offenses, and fourth degree felonies.  Our experienced criminal attorneys routinely represent clients charged with shoplifting, possession of marijuana, simple assault, and harassment.  Although these matters are handled at the Municipal Court level, and not in Superior Court, clients still face the threat of thousands of dollars in fines, up to 18 months in jail and a criminal record.  Our experienced criminal attorneys also counsel clients on the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction.

Domestic Violence Matters:

Domestic Violence charges often involve court proceedings in both the local Municipal Court and Superior Court.  Local Municipal Courts handle the criminal aspect of the domestic violence proceedings, which typically include harassment, assault and/or terroristic threats.  The Superior Court Family Division handles the Final Restraining Order proceedings.  In almost every domestic violence matter, the alleged victim seeks a Temporary Restraining Order.  In order for the restraining order to become final, the defendant must be afforded an opportunity to be heard before a Superior Court Judge.  The experienced Elizabeth criminal attorneys have years of experience representing clients in Final Restraining Order proceedings throughout the State of New Jersey.

Can Social Media Contact Violate a Protective Order? 

The vast majority of Americans use social media on a regular basis. Not only are social media platforms used to connect with friends, colleagues and loved ones, they are used to engage with companies selling goods and services, access entertainment, remain updated on the latest news and support causes that individuals believe in. It is partially because social media has become so dynamic that it can be difficult to avoid it, even when doing so may be in your best interest. Similarly, it can be difficult to know how to handle a social media account when it has become compromised by the presence of a potentially dangerous person or influence.


Whether you are safeguarded by a protective order or you are restricted from contacting someone as a result of a protective order, know that social media contact between you and the other individual named in your protective order is likely off-limits. What does this mean practically? If you are being protected from contact by another and that individual is connecting with you (in any way) on social media, please connect with an experienced criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ now. If you are restricted from connecting with someone as a result of a protective order, stay far, FAR away from that individual on social media. If you have questions about what kinds of boundaries you should create in order to ensure that you cannot be accused of connecting with that individual on social media, please speak with an criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ today in order to obtain necessary guidance.


Social Media and Protective Orders – The Basics


Social media contact, no matter how insignificant, is still contact (as defined by the terms of a protective order). Sending a direct message, posting on someone’s account, tagging someone on another’s account and even “liking” a post that a protected individual is in or has created could violate a protective order. Individuals protected by such orders should report contact violations to an attorney immediately. And individuals restricted from contact by such orders should speak with their criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ about how to avoid unintentional violations when on social media. This is true even if the terms of a protective order do not explicitly ban contact via social media. When it comes to contact of any kind, speak up if you are either being illegally contacted or are risking unintentional illegal contact.


Legal Guidance Is Available


If you have questions about how to enforce a protective order or how to avoid violating a protective order, either in regards to social media contact specifically or contact generally, please do not hesitate to connect with an experienced criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ today. Violation of a protective order (whether intentional or unintentional) is not an insignificant matter and should be taken seriously. Individuals safeguarded by these orders have the right to feel truly protected by them and individuals restricted by these orders should know exactly how to avoid unintentionally violating their terms. Please do not hesitate to speak with an criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ today if you have questions. It is better to speak up proactively than to live with the potential risks associated with remaining silent. 

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