Traffic Ticket Attorney Newark

Traffic Ticket Attorney Newark

Traffic Ticket Attorney NewarkTraffic Ticket Attorney Newark

Were you recently charged with reckless driving? Do you understand that this type of charge is not like standard traffic offenses, and is rather considered to be a criminal offense punishable by fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record? Whether or not you knew this up until now, is okay. However, at this point it is very important to think about your future. If you cannot imagine yourself in jail, with a criminal record, or having to pay thousands of dollars in insurance premiums over the course of the next several years, you should strongly consider retaining a traffic ticket attorney in Newark as soon as possible.

At Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., our traffic ticket and reckless driving lawyers take these charges very seriously. We know that they can have a domino-like effect on our clients’ life, career, reputation, and financial situation, and will do whatever we legally can to reduce these consequences. By choosing our firm to represent you, please know that we:

  • Understand reckless driving laws and other traffic laws
  • Can review your case and let you know what options are available
  • Are familiar with the Newark court system, judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials
  • Can utilize various defenses to protect your rights and the outcome of your case
  • Won’t treat you like another case number
  • Can represent you in court, on your behalf
  • May be able to reduce or drop the charges against you

For a complimentary consultation with a traffic ticket attorney in Newark, please call Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. right away. We will discuss the details of your case to see what the best possible outcome might be for you, as well as try to come up with the best strategy to use in court to have a positive outcome. The sooner you reach out to us the faster we can begin looking into the entirety of the case and help you with your traffic ticket. 

Reckless Driving Is a Criminal Offense

Many people think their reckless driving charge is like a traffic ticket. This is not so. You will not be able to mail in your payment and forget about the charge. Nor can you appear in traffic court, explain your side, and be off the hook. Rather, you will be summoned to court where you will be asked to make a plea of guilty or not guilty. A judge will review the case and sentence you if you are found guilty. This is not a sensitive issue and should be taken very seriously. Realistically, you should have a traffic ticket attorney in Newark on your side – before you go to court.

If you were convicted and did not have a Newark traffic ticket attorney, it may be possible to appeal the outcome of your case. Time is of the essence because you have a very short time to file the appeal. After this, your conviction will likely not be able to be overturned.

What You Should Know About Reckless Driving

There are some important things you should know about reckless driving offenses. Here is a short list about the facts surrounding reckless driving offenses: 

  • Reckless driving is usually a misdemeanor. It can be a felony if anyone was injured or died, or there was significant property damage after an accident caused by reckless driving.
  • There are many defenses that can be used in a reckless driving case, including faulty speedometer, faulty brakes, emergency, and so forth.
  • An increase in insurance premiums can cost $5000 or more over the course of the next 3-5 years; this is often more than the cost of hiring a traffic ticket attorney in Newark.
  • If you are found guilty, you may have a permanent criminal record.

These are all reasons it is so important to hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney to look into the details of your case and see if there is anything that might help you get the charges against you changed or dropped completely. 

 Why You Need to Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney 

It is important to hire a traffic ticket attorney in Newark, New Jersey if you are charged with an offense because it can stay on your driving record for a very long time, and depending on how many offenses you have, you may have your license taken away. You also want to make sure you don’t have any sort of record, which can be important for some jobs. For example, if you are a truck driver, you have far less leniency on getting tickets because your job really does depend on you being able to drive. The same goes for bus drivers, construction workers, police officers, firefighters, and many other professions. Certain traffic violations are criminal offenses as well, so it is extremely important that you contact a lawyer immediately for help and do not try to fight the charges alone. This can affect your job, your personal life, and your future on the road. 

If you are charged with a traffic offense, you need to hire an attorney from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. right away. Your attorney will be your number one confidant, and will look out for your best interests throughout the entire process. You should hire an attorney before even speaking to police about the traffic ticket so that you do not say anything to incriminate yourself. Your lawyer will know if there are any loopholes in the law that may actually make you not guilty of the crime, and if there was any possibility that the officer who gave you the ticket was incorrect in their initial assessment. 

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After being charged with reckless driving, you should be ready to fight the charges against you. Sometimes we can get charges  dropped completely, other times we can still at least get them lessened. Call a traffic ticket attorney in Newark from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. now for immediate help. Don’t wait — you need to make sure you do not miss any important deadlines for your case.