Do You Need an Attorney to Contest a Traffic Ticket?

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Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you receive a traffic ticket that you think is unfair or based on false information, it is natural to want to contest the ticket. This is a right that every driver has. No matter how big or small the ticket is, you have the right to contest it and argue for its dismissal. Sometimes, you are required to appear in court if the violation is severe enough. However, there is a lot you need to know about traffic court hearings before you attempt to defend yourself in one. This guide will answer the questions about what happens at a traffic court hearing and whether you should have an attorney.

Traffic Court Hearing

If you plan to contest your ticket, you will appear at a traffic court hearing. The first thing that will probably happen is the court will handle several arraignments for other drivers. You will have to wait for the traffic court hearing to begin. Then, several other drivers will probably have their hearings before yours.

When it is finally your turn, you will have a chance to present the evidence for why your ticket should be dismissed. The officer who issued the ticket must appear to argue against you. If the officer does not show up, your ticket will be dismissed immediately. Once you have presented your evidence, the judge will decide whether you should pay the ticket or have it dismissed. After that, the process is finished and you can go back to normal.


First things first, if you do not plan to contest a ticket, you never need to hire or speak with an attorney. If you are even considering the possibility of contesting your ticket, you should speak with a lawyer, like a traffic defense lawyer from May Law, LLP, to get more information about how the law works and how strong your case is. You can also get good advice about the best way to represent yourself.

So, it is a good idea to speak with an attorney, but do you need to hire one? This depends on you. Attorneys are absolutely not necessary to contest a ticket. Further, it is relatively rare for an attorney to contest a traffic ticket for a client. However, it does happen occasionally. If you are very worried about presenting evidence yourself and do not mind paying an attorney to do the job, you should feel free to do so. Contesting a ticket is easier than you might think, so you should consider how much work it would actually be before making your decision.