Drunk Driver Charged In Fatal Crash

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A drunk driver was charged in a fatal crash that killed a 21-year-old New Jersey motorcyclist on Friday, authorities said. The crash occurred at about 5:50 p.m. in the area of Old York Route (Route 539) and Montgomery Way in Robbinsville, New Jersey. The motorcyclist, identified as Jake Schreck, of Allentown in Monmouth County, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the other vehicle, identified as Ketan Kabaria, of Yardley, Pennsylvania, was taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Kabara was later charged with death by auto, driving while intoxicated, careless driving, and failure to keep right. He is being held at the Mercer County jail. Authorities reported that at that time the crash was currently under investigation.

The Dangers of Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a serious crime that can have deadly consequences. In 2021, there were over 10,000 people killed in drunk-driving crashes in the United States. If you are planning to drink, please designate a sober driver or call a taxi. It is not worth risking your life or the lives of others. You should also contact a lawyer to discuss your legal options. If you have recently been in a vehicle accident where a drunk driver caused your injuries, you can seek assistance from a reputable and experienced New Jersey drunk driving lawyer like one from Rispoli & Borneo P.C.

How to Prevent Drunk Driving

There are a number of things that you can do to help prevent drunk driving. If you are planning to drink, please designate a sober driver. You should check your transportation options, such as ridesharing services, if you believe that you have consumed too much alcohol. If you see someone who is driving drunk, please report them to the police. By taking these steps, you can help to keep our roads safe and prevent drunk driving crashes.

Evidence in a drunk driving accident

Gathering persuasive evidence is essential in a drunk driving case. Evidence can come from various sources, including police reports, witness statements, photographs of the accident scene, and any available surveillance or dashcam footage. Photographs of the scene can help reconstruct the events and demonstrate the extent of the damage caused.

Damages you can recover in a drunk driving accident

You can be entitled to damages as a drunk driving accident victim. These can include economic damages such as medical expenses, including ambulance fees and future medical treatments related to your injuries. Non-economic damages are also recoverable and can include pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and any permanent disability or disfigurement caused by the accident.

Steps to take after a car accident

After a car accident, it’s important to take specific steps to protect your well-being and legal rights. Call the police to report the accident and ensure an official report is filed. Exchange contact and insurance information with the other party involved. If possible, gather evidence by taking photographs of the accident scene, vehicle damage, and any visible injuries. If you have questions about what compensation you can recover or about the general claims process, consult an experienced lawyer for more information.