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Drunk Driving Attorney Red Bank, NJ

Common Mistakes to Avoid After Getting Charged With a DUI

Drunk Driving Attorney Red Bank, NJGetting arrested for driving while drunk is a stressful ordeal and can cause you to feel a wide range of emotions. However, you shouldn’t allow your emotions to cloud your judgment. Here are some common mistakes you shouldn’t make after getting charged with a DUI.


  • Talking to the Police: After you get arrested for a DUI, the police will likely ask to speak to you about your case. However, even if you’re innocent of the charge, you shouldn’t give the police any information. The police might seem like they want to help you, but they actually are looking for information to use against you and may twist your words. Politely tell them that you don’t want to talk to them with your drunk driving attorney in Red Bank, NJ pressent.
  • Refusing to Take a Breathalyzer: While you don’t have to talk to the police about your case, you’re required to take a breathalyzer. In the state of New Jersey, drivers have to submit an alcohol breath test when asked by a police officer. If you refuse to do so, you will face additional penalties, like fines and driver’s license suspension.
  • Not Trying to Regain Your Driving Privileges: Once you get charged with a DUI, your driver’s license will get automatically suspended. However, you can still request an Administrative Hearing to get your privileges reinstated. You should seriously consider going to this hearing because your life can become difficult without a driver’s license. You will have to rely on other people to give you rides to work and other important places, which can get tiring. If you attempt to drive on a suspended license, you could face more legal troubles.
  • Pleading Guilty: If you were charged with a DUI, don’t automatically assume that you have to plead guilty. Even if you failed your breathalyzer test, you don’t have to admit guilt. If you plead guilty too early, you will lose the right to fight the charges against you. Allow your drunk driving attorney in Red Bank, NJ enough time to negotiate a better deal with the prosecuting attorney.
  • Failing to Understand What’s at Stake: A DUI is a serious matter and should be treated as such. Even if this is the first time you’ve been in trouble with the law, you shouldn’t take your DUI charge lightly. Recognize that it can have serious consequences, such as fines, jail time, and a criminal record.
  • Not Hiring a Lawyer: A DUI charge comes with many consequences, so it’s important to have an experienced drunk driving attorney in Red Bank, NJ on your side. He or she will build you a strong defense and ensure your legal rights are protected.