Elizabeth, NJ Municipal Court Lawyers

Elizabeth, NJ Municipal Court LawyersElizabeth NJ Municipal Court Lawyers

Municipal courts handle different types of generally smaller legal issues. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less serious.

What do municipal courts handle?

Municipal courts generally handle matters like:

  • Traffic violations
  • Small claims
  • Misdemeanor criminal matters

That doesn’t seem like something I need a lawyer for

Many people think that. They’re wrong.

If you go to court without a lawyer, your chances are greater that you’re going to lose whatever battle you’re fighting. This is because lawyers are trained in the law but also in the day to day operations of the courthouse.

Just because municipal court handles less severe issues, that doesn’t mean the value of a lawyer is any less. Going to court without a lawyer is more expensive than going to court with one.

At Rispoli & Borneo P.C., Elizabeth, NJ municipal court lawyer, we can help you avoid the serious expense of not hiring an attorney.

Consequences can be serious

Municipal court may seem like the are no real consequences. But if you’re facing a traffic violation, you could lose your license. Think about the ripple effects of that:

  • You can’t get to work
  • You can’t pay your bills
  • You get evicted
  • You have to pay fines and fees to have your license reinstated

Wouldn’t it just have been better to hire an attorney from the start? The municipal court lawyers in Elizabeth, NJ of Rispoli & Borneo P.C. are ready to fight for you. We don’t take municipal court any less seriously. It’s important that you don’t either.

Delaying your decision could have negative consequences

In addition to not hiring a lawyer, delaying your decision to hire one could be equally as bad. When you delay hiring a lawyer to represent you in municipal court, it creates opportunities for you to end up with a judgment or ruling against you.

This is important and not something to take lightly. If you’re facing a criminal charge, that could mean jail time. If you’re facing a civil charge, that could mean you owe someone else a substantial amount of money.

Neither scenario is a good one for you. It all could have been avoided by hiring a skilled and trusted Elizabeth, NJ municipal court lawyer in the first place.

Contact us today to represent you

You deserve to have an experienced Elizabeth, NJ municipal court lawyer on your side. No matter how inconsequential you think municipal court cases may be, we know to not take it lightly. You shouldn’t either.

Facing any type of legal issue without an attorney is simply asking for trouble. You could find yourself in jail, without a license, or any other number of bad scenarios. You may want to save money and we understand that. But the best way to save money isn’t trying to be your own lawyer. The best way to save money is to hire the right lawyer.

Contact an Elizabeth, NJ municipal court lawyer today to discuss how we can help you get through the legal issues you face. At Rispoli & Borneo P.C., we’re ready to help.