How Much Workers’ Compensation Can You Receive?

When you’ve been injured at work, hiring a NJ workers compensation lawyer may be your best chance at receiving fair compensation. Most people wonder how much they can receive from workers’ compensation to help them pay their bills and replace their income while they’re out of work. This is a question that we answer a lot at Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. and we encourage you to set up your free consultation by calling 908-768-3884 today so a lawyer can review your case.

The Different Types of Benefits

Your NJ workers compensation lawyer may walk you through four main different types of benefits that may be included in your claim. These types of benefits include:

  • Weekly compensation
  • Compensation for medical bills
  • Permanent or temporary disability benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation

You may be wondering if you can receive compensation for pain and suffering like in many other injury claims, but you can’t with workers’ compensation. Workman’s comp is just income protection laws to help you after you’re injured at work. A workers compensation lawyer in NJ may be able to explain this better at your first consultation.

Weekly Compensation and Disability

A NJ workers compensation lawyer may inform you that the amount of weekly compensation you may receive depends on the type of disability your injuries have resulted in. The length that you’ll receive compensation is dictated by the state you live in. In terms of disability, there is temporary and permanent disability and then total or partial disability. Depending on your state, you may receive compensation for any type you qualify for.

Temporary or Permanent Disability?

A NJ workers compensation lawyer may be able to help you understand the differences between temporary or permanent disability and how this impacts your weekly compensation. Generally, temporary disability is different from permanent disability because with a temporary disability, you’re expected to get better. Permanent disability means that your condition isn’t expected to improve.

Total or Partial Disability?

You are considered totally disabled if you cannot work any job due to your injuries. Partial disability means that you do have some capacity to work, but you are likely limited in the work you may be able to perform.

Calculating Weekly Compensation

Weekly benefits are usually 66 2/3% of your wages before your injury if you’re considered totally disabled. It’s important to keep in mind that most states have capped this amount at $1,000 a week. With a partial disability, your benefits are determined by taking your average weekly wage before you were injured and reducing it by the amount you are capable of earning with your disability.

There are different factors and things to consider when determining how much workers’ compensation you may be entitled to receive, which is why many people find it helpful to work with a skilled lawyer who can help them determine what to expect if they win their claim. The lawyers at Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. have represented many individuals in their workers’ compensation claims and we want to help you too. Contact Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. for trusted NJ workers compensation lawyers today for a free initial consultation.