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People of the Courtroom

Municipal court lawyers Long Branch NJ residents turn to know that going to court as a defendant or plaintiff can involve copious amounts of anxiety and other emotions. Your lawyer will likely take time to explain the process and give you some idea of who you might expect to meet in a courtroom. While this is not mandatory, it can be useful in putting your mind at ease. The following is a brief guide explaining people of the courtroom. If you have any further questions, please talk with one of our Long Branch municipal court lawyers.

The Parties

These are the people or entities who are involved in the lawsuit. One party will be called the plaintiff and the other the defendant. The parties may be seated at the counsel tables with their lawyers. In civil cases, parties do have the right to sit at their trial, but it is not very common. Often it will be their municipal court lawyers in Long Branch NJ who attends and represents them.

The Witnesses

Witnesses provide testimony regarding issues or facts in a case. They will be asked to take the witness stand in the courtroom and generally testify for one party against the other.

The Lawyers

In a courtroom, there will be two legal counsel tables; one on each side. At these tables will sit the municipal court lawyers Long Branch NJ provides for the respective party. The lawyer’s task is to present facts about his or her client in a favorable manner, but while abiding by legal standards and laws. When a case involves criminal charges, the government will be involved. The government’s lawyer is known as a prosecutor or assistant district attorney (in state cases). In federal cases, it will be an assistant U.S. attorney. Criminal defendants may have privately hired municipal court lawyers Long Branch NJ families depend on to represent them or a court appointed lawyer.

The Judge

A judge presides in a court proceeding from the bench at the center of the room. His or her tasks will include:

  • To preside over the proceeding
  • To ensure order is maintained throughout the case
  • To determine whether or not any presented evidence is improper or illegal
  • Give the jury instructions about laws that apply to a case (*in jury trials)
  • Explain to the jury standards that should be used in making a decision (*in jury trials)
  • Review and determine the facts of a case (*in bench trials, those that have no jury), and decide the case
  • Sentence a defendant who has been convicted of a crime
  • Maintain communication with the Long Branch municipal court lawyers

The Jury

The jury consists of a group of people, not necessarily 12, who are seated in a section on the side of the courtroom. The jury’s role is to listen to the case, decide the facts, apply laws, and reach a verdict. Jurors have an enormous responsibility, particularly when a large scale criminal case is involved.

Court Reporter

Seated near the witness stand is the court reporter. This person will recorded everything said during the trial. It will either be typed on a special machine or sound recorded. What is recorded becomes the official trial record, and can be accessed through a transcript.

Court Interpreter

When a party or witness of the courtroom does not understand or speak English, a court interpreter may be called in to translate, verbatim, everything that is said by and to this individual. The court interpreter must translate exactly what is said, and not comment on any of it, even if they believe the person is not telling the truth.

Courtroom Clerk

Also known as the courtroom deputy, this person often sits near the judge. He or she may administer oaths to interpreters, witnesses, or other people. They might also handle the records, evidence, and exhibits. The courtroom clerk monitors the time of proceedings, prepares different forms, and usually assists the judge in anything that allows for a smooth running trial.

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