Municipal Court Lawyers Middletown NJ

In Middletown New Jersey, the municipal court is a busy place and our lawyers at Rispoli & Borneo spend a significant amount of time there Municipal Court Lawyers Middletown NJ defending clients. Municipal courts are often host to victims and defendants and others involved in a wide variety of cases. The Middletown NJ municipal court lawyers have extensive experience representing clients and advocating for their rights. We represent defendants in virtually any type of case that may be tried in the municipal court, including the following:


  •         Motor vehicle offenses including speeding tickets, vehicular manslaughter, reckless driving, DUI, DWI, etc.
  •         Simple assault, fraud, theft, and other types of minor criminal offenses
  •         Building code violations and other municipal ordinance offenses whether you are a business owner or an individual such as a homeowner
  •         Other cases that fall under Middletown NJ municipal court jurisdiction, including complaints that will eventually be transferred to the Superior Court
  •         Criminal mischief
  •         Possession of illegal narcotics or a controlled substance
  •         Harassment
  •         Stalking
  •         Underage drinking
  •         Disorderly person offense
  •         Leaving the scene of an accident


Any case that is tried in municipal court should be taken seriously, and it is likely in the defendant’s best interest to turn to a law firm of experienced Middletown NJ municipal court lawyers. Having a knowledgeable legal representative is often key to turning a difficult situation around. Should you decide to represent yourself, you will be at greater risk of being convicted and receiving the maximum allowable penalties as a result. That may translate to jail time, probation supervision upon release, community service, loss of driving privileges, fines, and much more. The more serious your charge, the more you have to lose if you do not have one of our experienced Middletown NJ municipal court lawyers from Rispoli & Borneo by your side.


How Can Your Municipal Court Lawyers in Middletown NJ Help Me?


Our Middletown NJ municipal court lawyers at Rispoli & Borneo have the necessary skills and experience to advocate for our clients who face serious charges. Even a “simple” charge may not be so simple if the defendant has a record of previous convictions or the circumstances of the crime against them involves injuries. When a lawyer from our firm takes a case, they take the time to thoroughly research the circumstances and determine if rights were violated in any way. When this occurs, and it happens more often than many people realize, the possibility of walking free become much more than theory. Whether one of our Middletown NJ municipal court lawyers negotiates a plea bargain on your behalf for a minor charge, represents you in court, or gets your charge dropped, you can feel confident that we have your best interests in mind.  


If you would like to meet with one of our municipal court lawyers Middletown NJ clients recommend from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. to arrange for a free consultation and get the answers you need.