New Jersey Man Charged With Speeding

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On September 3, a New Jersey man from the city of Marlton was charged with speeding and driving under the influence. The speedometer recorded the man reaching speeds over 120 miles per hour. According to Mount Laurel Police, the man was driving along Hainesport Road when he caused a collision that led to the death of a Mount Laurel man in the area. The victim was identified as the owner of the Cucina Carini restaurant, Glenn Keen, who was leaving the parking lot when the suspect struck him with his vehicle. Witnesses who saw the accident were able to successfully pull Keen out of his vehicle until first responders arrived to airlift him to a hospital. However, Keen shortly died of his injuries. 

As the mentioned speeding incident underscores, speeding is a serious violation and if you are facing a charge you should take immediate action if you do not want to face the worst consequences. It could be in your best interest to meet with a speeding ticket lawyer if you are experiencing a legal problem that is too intricate for you to solve on your own. A lawyer at your side can give you personalized legal advice and counsel so that you can be more informed about the laws and your particular circumstances. Having a strong understanding of your rights will not only help you be more aware of your case, but it can prevent you from making mistakes that can jeopardize your case outcome. 

What a Lawyer Can Do For You 

An experienced New Jersey speeding ticket attorney like one at Rispoli & Borneo P.C. can offer many different legal services for you. With over 20 years of experience, they understand how to approach cases and protect the legal rights of their clients. They can answer your questions about your case, explain the laws and its effects, explain legal strategies that can be applied to your case, and represent you in court if your case goes to trial. 

Handling a speeding charge on your own is not recommended because there are many things that can go wrong, and with your limited legal knowledge you may not be able to get the outcome that you want. Whether you are facing a minor speeding ticket or a more serious charge that involves speeding and causing a collision, a lawyer will be able to help you. Discussing your situation with a lawyer is highly recommended.

Receive Legal Advice 

There are legal resources available for you if you are experiencing legal issues, especially after a serious car accident like the one in September. It is important to have a lawyer investigate your situation and review your options. If you choose not to seek a lawyer to understand your case and legal rights, you may risk losing your case and getting an outcome that is much worse than what you are looking for. Schedule a consultation with a reputable speeding ticket lawyer that you can trust to handle our case and help you achieve the outcome that you deserve.