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On The Job Injury Lawyer Northern New Jersey Trusts Discusses Knee Surgery

On The Job Injury Lawyers Northern New JerseyKnee injuries can decrease mobility in employees and cause pain that makes them less productive in the workplace. When a knee injury progresses to the point of severe pain caused by osteoarthritis, an employee may be unable to work at all and may require a knee replacement surgery to recover.

Often times, workers’ comp insurance companies will refuse to pay for a knee replacement surgery since it tends to be expensive and requires a long recovery period for the employee out of work. It is not impossible to receive workers’ comp benefits for a knee replacement surgery, though, especially if the employee sustained an injury in a work-related incident that degenerated into the necessity of a knee replacement surgery.

Recovering From Knee Replacement Surgery – What Will Workers’ Comp Cover?
If workers’ compensation does end up covering the expenses of a knee replacement surgery, they will likely provide benefits for the recovery, as well. Before your knee replacement surgery, your knee doctor should advise you on the necessary steps to make your house more accommodating. The recovery process for knee replacement surgery can be long and requires special arrangements in your house to avoid re-injury.

Physical therapy will also be necessary for the recovery process of a knee replacement surgery. On top of the surmounting medical expenses from a knee replacement surgery, the employee in question will not be working, so he or she may not have the funds to go through the entire recovery period without a steady income.

Workers’ comp may cover the expenses of the special housing arrangements, doctors appointments after the surgery, physical therapy, or payment for lost working hours. This is all dependent on the circumstances and if your knee injury was initially caused by an event that happened at work.

Workers’ comp insurance will likely be fighting your claim to these benefits as well since the surgery and recovery period will be expensive. If you received a knee injury at work that resulted in a knee replacement surgery, it is advised to consult with one of the Northern New Jersey on the job injury lawyer from our firm, as well as a reputable knee doctor.

When to Settle A Workers’ Comp Claim

A workers’ comp claim should be settled when the employee has reached maximum medical improvement. This means that the employee that has received a knee replacement surgery should not consider settling with the workers’ comp insurance until he or she has gone through the entire recovery process and received the physical therapy required. When a workers’ comp claim is settled, the employee will stop receiving benefits. Depending on the severity of the knee injury, and the recovery process of the knee replacement surgery, an employee may not be able to ever go back to work. In this case, the workers’ comp may have to award the employee benefits permanently.

There are reasons that an employee should consider settling a workers’ comp claim for a knee replacement surgery, especially if they wish to move on and work again. It is always advised to consult with on the job injury lawyers before making any final decisions, as settling a workers’ comp claim is permanent and will not be reversed. The workers’ comp insurance will jump on the chance to settle an expensive claim such as a knee replacement surgery, so you must be certain that settlement is the route you wish to take.

Consult with Northern New Jersey On The Job Injury Lawyer

If you received an injury at work that resulted in a necessary knee replacement surgery to improve your quality of work or life, then it is advised to contact on the job injury lawyers that are experienced in workers’ compensation. A Northern New Jersey workers’ comp attorney will assist you in obtaining any benefits needed for a knee replacement surgery and the recovery period after.

Even if workers’ comp insurance gives you the full award for the knee replacement surgery, it will be an uphill battle to keep receiving these benefits. Our on the job injury lawyer Northern New Jersey clients recommend will help you go through any battles with the workers’ comp insurance company to ensure that you receive compensation throughout your entire recovery, and advise you on when to settle a workers’ comp claim. The legal firm of Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. has successfully represented many on the job injury cases. Our attorneys are here to help. Contact Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. today for a free initial consultation.