Reasons A PI Case Will Be Rejected

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Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations, however, not every personal injury case is taken by a law firm. No matter the information you learned during your consultation, attorneys have several reasons to refuse to take your case. Although you feel like you may have a case on your hands, all cases should not be pursued and can lead to more stress than relief at an already difficult time. When you speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney for the first time, they are able to analyze the information you provide and decide whether taking on the case is worth in it the long haul. Some times they are wrong, most times they are right. There are a plethora of reasons an attorney may refuse you as a client.

Little or no serious injuries. It is best to pursue a personal injury claim, not because you were hurt but because you are suffering. If you suffered minor injuries and can be rehabilitated with little work, it can be dismissed by opposing parties and time would have been wasted.

Statute of Limitations. Every state has stature of limitations for when a personal injury claim can be filed. If you are coming up to your deadline, there may not be enough time for an attorney to take on your case and settle, and possibly make it even harder to win.

Unable to determine who is liable. If an attorney does not know who is at fault, who will be served? Who will pay for your medical expenses. If there is no clear liability, you have no one to file a claim against.

Too many details. Some things are just not worth the hassle. If there too man contingencies, there is too much room for error and too much work for nothing.

You are at fault. If an attorney feels the financial compensation will be worth the time put into the case due to the fact that you are partially at fault and will likely receive very little, they may decline.

Other attorneys have declined. If you admit that you have spoken to other attorney’s and were turned down, the attorney may wonder that even though he or she can possibly take your case, why did other experienced attorneys say “no”?

There are several reasons a personal injury attorney Atlanta, Georgia trusts may decline your case, the only way to know is by speaking with one immediately so that you know what they next step may be for you.



Thank you to our friends and contributors at Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and reasons a lawyer may not take on your case.