Traffic Ticket Lawyers Middletown, NJ

Traffic Ticket Lawyers MIddletown, NJ Traffic Ticket Lawyer in MIddletown, NJ

Have you recently been ticketed for disobeying a traffic rule? Are you concerned about the possible consequences of being found guilty? If so, know that you don’t have to navigate the aftermath of this situation alone. The experienced team at Rispoli & Borneo P.C. understands that receiving a traffic ticket is a stressful experience. By working with our experienced traffic ticket lawyer team, you will be able to experience the peace of mind that accompanies knowing that your case is in good hands. When you entrust your case to our firm, we will:

  • Listen to what you have to say
  • Answer your questions
  • Help you to understand your available options
  • Build a strong defense strategy
  • Seek a reduction or dismissal of the charges against you

When you choose to allow an experienced Middletown, NJ traffic ticket lawyer to represent you instead of pleading guilty, you may:

  • Prevent points be added to your driving record
  • Avoid a 20-60% increase in your insurance rate
  • Reduce the risk of a license suspension or revocation
  • Avoid costly fines and additional frustrating consequences

Traffic Tickets in New Jersey

Traffic tickets can result in regrettable consequences. Many of our clients come to us concerned that they will not be able to win their case. Worries about points on a driver’s license and a realization that one’s insurance can go up significantly in the wake of a ticket can be overwhelming. These costs can amount to thousands of dollars, and some, including an insurance increase, can last for three to five years. Thankfully, by hiring an experienced Middletown, NJ traffic ticket lawyer, you can place yourself in the best possible position to win your case. 

Multiple Traffic Ticket Offenses

In general, when you have had more than one traffic offense within the last 5 years, you may increase your risk of a license suspension or revocation. Mitigating factors, such as drunk driving, reckless driving, or being involved in an accident, will increase this risk significantly. You might also face criminal charges that can result in a permanent criminal record, jail time, and other fines. Especially if this is not your first significant ticket or your history could impact the consequences associated with this latest infraction, please don’t wait to contact a Middletown, NJ traffic ticket lawyer today – you’re going to need experienced representation. 

A Middletown, NJ Traffic Ticket Lawyer May Be Able to Help You

Although not all traffic tickets will warrant the need for a lawyer, some will. It is your right to fight your ticket and ask for a sentence reduction or dismissal. By doing so, your insurance rates may not be increased, you could avoid points on your license, and you may reduce other related consequences. 

A traffic ticket lawyer can be your voice and legal advocate. Our firm can speak for you on your behalf, attend your hearings, help you to deal with the DMV, and defend your rights to the fullest potential. It is possible for a traffic ticket lawyer to save you lost time and money. If this is something you are interested in knowing more about, please contact our Middletown, NJ traffic ticket lawyer team today.