Types of Whistleblower Scenarios 

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Types of Whistleblower Scenarios 

A whistleblower faces multiple risks and consequences after reporting illegal activity committed by their employer or someone at their workplace. They face a lot of pressure to stay silent and avoid losing their own job security and damaging their reputation. If you are a whistleblower and are seeking legal assistance from an experienced lawyer, you should not delay taking action. There are many types of whistleblower scenarios that you could find yourself in. Here are common scenarios and issues that a whistleblower lawyer can assist you with.


Fraud is defined as a deliberate act to mislead an individual for financial or personal gain. It is one of the most common types of crimes. Activities that fall under fraud include adjusting accounting books, forging signatures, changing official records, and making false statements. If a company tries to misrepresent its product or service to its consumers, it may be committing fraud. Reporting fraud in the workplace is an incredible risk, so if you suspect that fraud is occurring in your workplace, talk to a lawyer right away. 


As a whistleblower lawyer like one from Eric Siegel Law can explain, there are many types of offenses that fall under corruption, such as bribery, embezzlement, association with someone who engages in criminal activity, and violation of company policies. It is necessary to provide sufficient evidence if you think that an employee, supervisor or executive in your work is engaging in corruption. If you believe that corruption is happening in your workplace, talk to a lawyer right away. 


Whether it’s based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability, discrimination against individuals is unacceptable. Unfortunately, it is a common practice that many companies believe that they can get away with. It can come in many forms. Examples of discrimination include paying someone of a different gender lesser pay and not providing the appropriate accommodations for a worker with a disability. A lawyer can help you determine what steps you need to take if you believe that discrimination could be going on in your work. 


Many people who are whistleblowers are fearful of stepping forward to report their experiences because they are concerned about the consequences they may face. Understandably, they want to keep their job, protect themselves and their family, and not have to go through the repercussions of making the complaint. However, do not be concerned as you have rights as a whistleblower that a lawyer can protect. 

To learn more about legal services you can benefit from as a whistleblower, schedule a consultation now with a trusted whistleblower lawyer.