New Jersey Construction Worker Injured In Trench Collapse

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New Jersey Construction Worker Injured In Trench Collapse

Work injury lawyers from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. can attest that the risk of trench collapse is a real hazard for those working on construction sites. Construction workers are regularly in environments riddled with elements, many of which can be a recipe for disaster. Recently, on a house construction site in Howell, New Jersey, a construction worker fell into a trench that subsequently collapsed. While these trench collapses can be deadly, fortunately, the victim survived the incident after hours of being trapped. Although the worker suffered minor injuries, rescue efforts resulted in injuries sustained by two emergency responders. 

This most recent trench collapse hits close to home, a stark reminder of the dangers of working on construction sites. Many construction site accidents can result in severe injuries and even death; in 2020-2021, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported 20 incidents (some of which fatal) that were the result of excavation projects. This most recent trench collapse should remind employers and employees of the potential risks of trenching and excavation. As a result, safety should be made a priority by ensuring proper precautions are taken on construction sites.    

Trenches are an integral part of the construction industry because they act as a foundation for buildings, retaining walls, and more. In addition, trenches may be required in order for workers to gain access to services that are necessary through the construction process. Work Injury Lawyers New Jersey victims rely on have represented victims of accidents involving trench collapse. To ensure trenches are properly dug, construction companies should use mechanical engineers to avoid potential incidents. Construction companies and site supervisors should prioritize safety for workers performing tasks in and around trenches. Keeping safety at the forefront can not only prevent injuries; it can also save a life. Necessary safety precautions to adhere to include:

  • Always wear proper protective clothing and gear
  • Practice extra precaution around trenches, especially after rainfall
  • Construction sites should have support such as aluminum hydraulics adequately installed to prevent trenches from caving in
  • Employers should provide workers with regular and proper safety training
  • Ensure that there are proper entrances and exits within the trench
  • Refrain from working underneath loads operated by heavy machinery
  • Keep materials some distance away from the trench
  • Require daily inspection of trenches before working in or around them

Although there are steps that employers can take to ensure the safety of workers in and around trenches, these trenches can be deadly, and injured workers may face severe injuries, many of which can result in catastrophic damages for victims. Working with a law firm plays an essential role in helping victims fully understand the options they have available to them. Although workers’ compensation may be beneficial for victims who have suffered injuries and require extensive medical treatment, workers’ compensation may not fully cover the losses the victim is experiencing. To learn more about our approach, the services we provide, and the legal strategies available for victims, contact Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. without hesitation.