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If you are hurt in an accident while at work, you will want to contact Rispoli & Borneo P.C., one of the best work injury lawyers in New Jersey. Rispoli & Borneo’s experienced legal team will help you navigate what can be a confusing and difficult process. 

A workplace injury can seriously affect how you live your life, but work injury lawyers New Jersey trusts can help you get back on your feet.

It’s important to remember that the professionals at Rispoli & Borneo P.C. are standing by to help you get the compensation you deserve, and it’s important to remember that a work injury lawyer is more than just a legal representative: work injury lawyers are a valuable resource for all the information you need about your case.

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Typical Workers’ Compensation Accidents

Injuries in the workplace occur every day, leaving victims to contend with injuries, some of which may be long-lasting. As a result of the accident, physical pain will not be the only hardship. Victims may also experience financial challenges due to medical expenses and missed time away from work. Sometimes, workplace accidents may even result in a victim experiencing injuries that leave them permanently disabled and impaired. Examples of accidents that may happen in the workplace include:

  • Collapsing Structures
  • Exposure to Hazardous Materials
  • Car Accidents
  • Being Struck by an Object
  • Workplace Violence
  • Slips and Falls
  • Electrocution or Fires

These accidents can cause injuries that can be debilitating and, at times, take a significant period to recover from. Injuries such as head injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractured bones, repetitive stress injuries, etc., can leave victims at a significant disadvantage which is why work injury lawyers may be necessary to provide the representation they require. 

Read on to learn more about how workplace injuries are workplace injuries (no matter where they happen), and see how we can help you move on from your accident and get the closure you need.

  • Work Injuries Can Happen Anywhere.

When people think about workplace accidents, they usually think of high-risk job sites. People usually think about construction sites, or factories, or warehouses, or anywhere else reliant on heavy machinery and plenty of protective equipment. But, work accidents can happen in offices as well – and as many people are finding out, work accidents can happen when you’re away from the office and on a work-related trip as well.

  • Offices Are Major Sources of Work Injuries.

You may think that offices are relatively safe to work environments, but accidents happen. Offices are full of potential injuries, whether it’s spilled coffee in the breakroom or improperly-stowed wires. You may also have to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome or even headaches associated with improper lighting. It’s important to remember that work injuries should be addressed as soon as possible, no matter how major or minor.

  • Slips and Falls are More Dangerous than You’d Think.

A slip and fall is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: A minor trip or injury experienced by an equally minor accident. They’re sometimes more embarrassing than painful, but you should never assume that your clumsy slip-up is as innocent as it seems. Slips and falls can cause serious pain and suffering if left untreated and unchecked, so it’s important to get them looked at as soon as possible.

  • Poor Ergonomics are Sometimes to Blame.

If you’re sitting at your desk all day, you need to make sure you’re comfortable – and it’s your employer’s responsibility to ensure you don’t experience any injuries that can be traced to your workstation’s setup. With improper ergonomics, your job may be more than just uncomfortable – it can be downright dangerous. For example, without proper padding for your keyboard, you may develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • A Work Injury Lawyer Can Help.

A New Jersey work injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve for injuries you sustained on the job – whether you work in a steel mill or an office. The right lawyer should be able to walk you through your claim and educate you about your potential compensation. The right lawyer should also be as committed to your case as you are. Fortunately, the professionals at our offices are ready to help.

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in New Jersey, contact Rispoli & Borneo P.C. today so that you receive the compensation you and your family deserve.

Managing Your Work-Related Accident Case

Work injury lawyers New Jersey accident victims rely on can assist those injured on the job with managing their workers’ compensation claims and ensuring they receive the benefits they are entitled to. Injuries from on-the-job accidents can range from minor to severe. As a result, victims may face significant medical expenses, recovery times, and lost wages from missed time away from work. Workers’ compensation is a viable and necessary option for those injured on the job. However, it’s important to note that the process for receiving these benefits may not be as straightforward as they were initially made out to be. At times, victims may experience complications involving claim denials, and the guidance of a firm like Rispoli & Borneo P.C. may be necessary to rectify the situation. Additionally, working with a lawyer can ensure the victims’ rights remain intact so they can understand all options available and a clear path for pursuing the compensation and benefits they are entitled to. 

Workers Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance offered to most employees should they experience an injury in the workplace. Workers’ compensation insurance is a form of insurance that employers must have. Typically, workers’ compensation is purchased either from a private insurance company or the state’s workers’ compensation fund. The benefits offered through workers’ compensation include:

  • A Portion of Lost Wages
  • Medical Expenses
  • Long-Term Medical Expenses
  • Total or Partial Disability
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

For several reasons, workers’ compensation can mutually benefit the employer and employee. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, meaning, often, employees can receive benefits regardless of who was at fault for the accident. In exchange, employees waive their right to pursue damages in the form of a personal injury claim. Despite this, victims should know that it may still be possible to seek damages through a third-party claim if someone else can be held accountable for their losses. 

Contacting a Lawyer

It’s only natural after a work-related accident for victims to consider whether they should contact work injury lawyers to determine the best way to proceed. While in minor cases, it may be appropriate to represent yourself throughout the process, there may be circumstances that warrant professional help, including:

  • Injuries that impact a victim’s ability to work 
  • The victim was disabled by the accident
  • Workers’ compensation benefits do not cover losses
  • The victim is no longer able to continue working
  • The workers’ compensation claim was denied
  • The victim experiences retaliation in the workplace
  • A third party was responsible for the accident

To learn more about how a firm like Rispoli & Borneo P.C. represents their clients, consider scheduling a consultation as soon as possible. 

New Jersey Work Injury Law FAQs

Work injury lawyers New Jersey victims recommend can help play an imperative role for those who have been injured while at work. On-the-job injuries severely impact victims because, for some, injuries can be debilitating and costly. In addition, these injuries may affect a victim’s ability to continue working, and, as a result, victims and their families stand to experience financial instability. Construction jobs are among the most dangerous jobs a person can have, and workers may find themselves constantly exposed to hazardous materials and dangerous situations. 

What Is A Work Injury?

Unfortunately, accidents occur regularly at work. Some are minor, but others can be debilitating such as a damaged back from lifting heavy objects, torn knee ligaments from slipping on a wet spot, or a repetitive strain injury from years of typing on a computer. A work injury lawyer helps employees that are hurt at work recover costs including medical bills and lost incomes.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured At Work?

Immediately tell your supervisor about your injury and go to a doctor. Keeping a careful record of your injury and the expenses you are paying, as a result, is very important. Writing down your lost hours, conversations you have with insurance companies, etc. will help you remember important details that can be important in your case. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Lawyer?

A work injury lawyer will fight for you. Employers want to safeguard their companies and insurance companies are concerned with protecting their bottom line. A lawyer’s expertise will make the process less stressful for you and allow you to focus on recovering from your injury. Oftentimes, hiring a lawyer results in a larger settlement and a lawyer can negotiate so that payments are spread out over time.

Why Is Workers’ Compensation A Necessary Benefit For Injured Workers?

Companies have a duty to their employees and those visiting construction sites to ensure that preventative measures are taken to mitigate the risk of an accident. Unfortunately, construction accidents are common, and obtaining workers’ compensation may be a necessary benefit for victims who sustain injuries. Workers’ compensation benefits are often imperative because it offers: 

  • Coverage for Medical Expenses
  • A Portion of Lost Wages
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Disability Benefits
  • +More

Although retaining workers’ compensation may appear straightforward, some victims may contend with complications, including claim denials. Fortunately, having a lawyer from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. can offer peace of mind and tenacity when obtaining the best possible outcome after a work-related accident. 

Are Construction Jobs Dangerous?

Construction work is among the most hazardous jobs a person can have. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 1 out of 10 construction workers sustain injuries while on the job each year. In addition to injuries, construction jobs also have high fatality rates. Unfortunately for construction site workers, when employers do not follow industry safety standards and fail to make safety a priority, construction sites can be even more dangerous. Work injury lawyers will share that OSHA has stringent guidelines to protect construction workers. 

Can Work-Related Accidents Be Prevented?

In addition to maintaining compliance, construction companies should be vigilant in protecting their workforce by: 

  • Providing a frequent comprehensive training 
  • Ensuring workers wear protective gear
  • Addressing any potential hazards with corrective action plans
  • Considering the formation of a safety committee
  • Ensuring workers do not put themselves in unsafe situations

When safety is made a priority, the risk of a construction-related accident can reduce greatly. Although accidents will still occur, it is still possible to protect construction workers from injuries. Additionally, prioritizing safety can offer an added benefit for construction companies as fewer incidents can help improve productivity, reduce downtime, and create a healthy work culture for employees. 

How Can I File A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Victims have 90 days to report the injury to their employer when a construction accident happens. However, it’s essential to report the accident as soon as possible to avoid any conflicts or questions regarding the claim’s validity. In addition to this, victims should seek prompt medical care to ensure their injuries are properly diagnosed and treated. At this point, consulting with work injury lawyers may be necessary to ensure that victims proceed appropriately with the process. 

How Long Does My Employer Have To Respond To The Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Once the injury is reported, the employer will have 21 days to submit the appropriate paperwork to the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation Insurance. The claim is then investigated by the insurance company, which will then make a determination regarding benefits. While in some situations, injured workers may be able to receive their much-needed benefits, at times, a victim may receive a denial of benefits from the insurance company. Should this be the case, it’s imperative to work with a lawyer as they can play an integral role in determining what went wrong and managing the process of rectifying the problem. 

Despite workers’ compensation systems offering mutually beneficial advantages for both employee and employer, victims of work-related accidents should still consider speaking with our firm at Rispoli & Borneo P.C. to ensure a strategic approach for moving forward. Learn more about the services provided by our work injury lawyers by scheduling a consultation. 

Does COVID Count as a Work Injury?

While the pandemic may be over according to certain experts, COVID-19 strongly affected how we work – and you may need help from work injury lawyers New Jersey trusts if you contracted COVID-19 in the workplace.

The experts at Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. can help investigate your case and determine who you can (and should) hold responsible if you caught covid at work. Read on for a brief FAQ that answers some common questions about COVID-19-related claims.

Can I Sue My Employer if I Had to Come in for Work?

Covid changed the professional landscape, and many employees were able to make the switch to working from home. Unfortunately, it wasn’t universal. Many employees and many businesses required employees to keep working on-site, and of course, this led to people catching covid at work. However, just because you had to be at the office doesn’t mean you can file a lawsuit.

Did My Employer Follow the Right Guidelines?

The CDC published several important guidelines to ensure safety in the workplace. If your employer followed these guidelines and took all steps possible to keep you safe, it can affect whether or not you can file a lawsuit. With a responsible employer, your best bet would be to report your illness and seek workers’ compensation. A New Jersey work injury lawyer can help you determine whether you may be eligible.

Would I Be Eligible for Workers’ Comp if I Caught Covid?

Claiming workers’ comp for covid can be tricky. You’ll have to prove that you caught COVID-19 at work, or while you were performing work-related tasks elsewhere. For example, if you caught COVID-19 at the office, you may be able to file for workers’ comp. On the other hand, if you caught COVID-19 while you were clocked out, away from the office, and on a lunch break, you may not have grounds for workers’ comp.

What if My Employer Didn’t Follow CDC Guidelines?

If your employer neglected to follow CDC guidelines, you may be able to sue your employer for negligence. Your employer has a responsibility to ensure the safety of employees, and while this may include hard hats, ergonomic keyboards, and well-lit workplaces, it also includes keeping employees safe from a pandemic. If your employer failed to keep you safe, you should contact a work injury lawyer immediately.

How Can a Work Injury Lawyer Help Me?

COVID-19 can lead to hospitalization and even death. You won’t be able to clock in to collect regular paychecks when you’re bouncing between medical specialists or self-isolating, and the emotional, physical, and financial strain of COVID-19 can seriously affect your future.

You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for your illness. Thankfully, work injury lawyers can help you get the money you need from your insurance provider, and in the case of a negligent employer, your legal team can help you get compensation, justice, and closure.

Reach out to Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. for a consultation, and get in touch with one of our New Jersey work injury lawyers today.

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What Can A Rispoli & Borneo P.C. Work Injury Lawyer Help Me With?

A workplace injury can leave you out of work and without income. It can create stress for you and your family, who depend on your income and health. Often with an injury like this, the insurance company can be slow to resolve your claims or may even refute them. A work injury lawyer will help you resolve your dispute with the insurance provider. Evidence gathering is necessary in order to successfully challenge the insurance company. This may require asking for an independent medical exam, taking depositions, and hiring skilled witnesses, which all require legal skill and knowledge. 

In New Jersey, work injury lawyers can help you when:

  • Your case is rejected by the insurance provider. Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible to buffer their profit margins. A lawyer will advocate for you so that you get the settlement you deserve.
  • You’re having difficulty obtaining the medical care you require. Insurers frequently decline or stall in paying for expensive medical care. An attorney can pressure the insurer to authorize the necessary medical procedures more quickly.
  • You are unable to work any longer. If you experienced a debilitating injury and can no longer work, it is especially important that you receive the full benefit of your employee compensation benefits. 

New Jersey Work Injury Law Statistics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are an estimated 3.8 million workers’ compensation claims filed each year in the U.S.

    • The average workers’ compensation claim costs $30,000.
    • The most common types of workers’ compensation claims are injuries to the back, neck, and head.
    • Workers’ compensation benefits can include medical care, lost wages, and vocational rehabilitation.

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4 Injuries Not Eligible For Workers Comp

There are several work injuries that are not eligible to be reported in workers compensation claims, as New Jersey work injury lawyers can explain more about. Workers’ compensation is a vital system designed to provide benefits and medical coverage to employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. However, not all workplace injuries are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Certain circumstances or types of injuries may fall outside the scope of coverage. 

Intentional Self-Inflicted Injuries:

Workers’ compensation is generally intended to cover injuries that occur during the course of employment and are accidental in nature. Intentional self-inflicted injuries, such as an employee purposefully harming themselves to claim benefits, are typically not eligible for workers’ compensation. The workers compensation system is designed to provide monetary benefits to workers who have experienced injuries and are unable to return to work for a period of time.

Injuries Resulting from Employee Misconduct:

Employees may not file a claim if their reckless conduct during work resulted in their injuries or illness. For example, if an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, ignores safety protocols, or engages in a physical altercation, their injuries may be deemed as a result of their own misconduct and not eligible for compensation benefits.

Injuries Sustained during Commute:

Typically, injuries that occur during a worker’s commute to and from work are not eligible in workers compensation claims, as New Jersey work injury lawyers can explain. This is because commuting is generally considered outside the scope of employment. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as when an employee is traveling for work-related purposes or has a job that requires them to commute frequently. It’s important to consult with an attorney to determine if your specific commuting circumstances may qualify for workers’ compensation coverage.

Psychological or Mental Health Injuries:

While workers’ compensation often covers physical injuries sustained in the workplace, it may not extend to purely psychological or mental health injuries in some jurisdictions. Proving work-related stress or mental health conditions can be challenging, as these injuries typically require a direct connection to specific workplace factors or events. There are certain exceptions however, where a psychological injury that develops from a traumatic event can qualify for workers compensation benefits.

Understanding the limitations of workers’ compensation coverage is crucial for both employers and employees. While workers’ compensation provides essential benefits for many workplace injuries, it does not cover all types of injuries. Intentional self-inflicted injuries, injuries resulting from employee misconduct, injuries during commute, and some psychological or mental health injuries are common examples of work-related injuries that may not be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.  If you have recently suffered an injury or illness as a result of a work-related incident, set up a consultation with qualified New Jersey work injury lawyers from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. near you right away to receive help. 

Specific Laws Related To New Jersey Work Injuries

If you have been injured at work in New Jersey, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is a system of insurance that provides benefits to employees who are injured or become ill on the job. Workers’ compensation benefits can include medical expenses, lost wages, and disability benefits. There are a number of specific laws related to work injuries in New Jersey. It is important to be aware of these laws if you have been injured at work.

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law

The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act is the primary law that governs work injuries in New Jersey. The Workers’ Compensation Act sets forth the benefits that are available to injured workers, as well as the procedures for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Benefits Available To Injured Workers

Under the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act, injured workers are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Medical expenses: Workers’ compensation will pay for all reasonable and necessary medical expenses related to a work injury. This includes the cost of doctor’s visits, hospital stays, surgery, and prescription drugs.
  • Lost wages: Workers’ compensation will pay for lost wages if an employee is unable to work due to a work injury. Lost wage benefits are typically equal to two-thirds of an employee’s average weekly wage.
  • Disability benefits: Workers’ compensation will pay disability benefits if an employee is permanently disabled due to a work injury. Disability benefits are typically equal to two-thirds of an employee’s average weekly wage, and they may be paid for life.

Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim

To file a New Jersey workers’ compensation claim, an injured worker must notify their employer of their injury within 30 days. The employee must then file a claim with their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. The insurance carrier will investigate the claim and decide whether to accept or deny it. If the insurance carrier accepts the claim, it will begin paying benefits to the employee. If the insurance carrier denies the claim, the employee can file a petition with the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation.

New Jersey Work Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured at work in New Jersey, it is important to contact experienced New Jersey work injury lawyers. A work injury lawyer can help you file a workers’ compensation claim and protect your rights.

Rispoli & Borneo P.C.

Rispoli & Borneo P.C. is a leading law firm in New Jersey that specializes in work injuries. We have a team of experienced New Jersey work injury lawyers who can help you get the benefits you deserve. If you have been injured at work in New Jersey, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, the workers’ compensation system can be complex, and it is important to be aware of the specific laws that apply. If you have been injured at work in New Jersey, contact Rispoli & Borneo P.C. today for a free consultation. We will help you get the benefits you deserve.