Newark Criminal Charges 

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In Newark, New Jersey a man has been charged with three separate accounts of armed robbery, targeting pharmacies for promethazine, oxycodone, and other prescription medications. Living in Irving New Jersey, a 28-year-old man, Charles Johnson has been charged with violent crimes pertaining to the use of, carrying, and firing his firearm during the robberies. Surveillance footage of the crimes has been collected by local law enforcement. Johnson threatened to shoot the victims of the pharmacies he robbed with a firearm he possessed. The defendant, Charles Johnson has been charged with life in prison, as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. However, like all criminal charges and allegations, the defendant is considered innocent until he or she is proven guilty by trial. 

Facing criminal charges, like those of Charles Johnsons seem to be hopeless, but even amidst severe fines and jail time, a criminal lawyer can help. Experienced attorneys such as those at Rispoli & Borneo P.C. are able and willing to walk through the legal process with their clients, supporting their needs, and advocating on their behalf. Criminal lawyers work with prosecutors to persuade them into lessening and sometimes even dropping charges, establishing maximum sentencing, and formulating an agreeable plea bargain. If the defendant chooses not to take the plea bargain and testify as guilty, then the case will proceed to a trial before a grand jury. The grand jury, composed of 23 peers is designed to hear arguments, and look at the evidence to determine whether or not the case should continue to trial before a judge. If the jury agrees that the defendant’s case should proceed to a judge’s sentencing, the judge will have the final say on what the future of the defendant will look like. 

Whether criminal charges are severe felons or lesser misdemeanors, criminal lawyers can help their clients formulate strategies, represent their needs, and fight for lesser charges and sentences. Defendants should remain innocent until proven guilty. A criminal lawyer’s role is not to judge their client on what they may or may not have done concerning the criminal charges, but to be a supportive, advocate, desiring the best outcome for each and every one of their clients. Clients should feel as though they can trust their attorneys with their case and their future. If a client is unhappy with their criminal lawyer, they have the right to find another attorney with whom they feel more comfortable. So often, the legal system can feel like they are taking advantage of defendants, intimidating them into making deals, or saying something they do not mean. Having the right attorney by your side is crucial throughout the legal process, and can greatly impact the future of the client in terms of charges, jail time, and fines to be paid. 

Don’t struggle through criminal charges alone, but allow yourself the best representation available through a ​​Newark criminal lawyer. Call today for a free consultation and begin your journey toward legal representation with the assistance of a criminal lawyer.