5 Common Knee Injuries Claimed in Personal Injury Suits

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A knee injury can be very serious because the knee is one of the most complex joints we have in our body. Our knees have a small range of motion and they are responsible for holding up most of our body weight! It is very possible that if you have sustained injuries from an accident, that your knee may have been affected. Here are 5 of the most common knee injuries that are claimed in personal injury cases.

Posterior Cruciate Ligament

The ligament at the back of the knee is called the posterior cruciate (PCL). It helps connect the tibia and the femur. It is one of the most susceptible to injuries in car accidents or falls that involve the knee twisting. Usually the tears are incomplete that can be sealed by rest and immobilization.


Often the kneecap, or patella, is affected by fractures. Other knee injuries affect the fibula, femur and tibia bones. Both car accidents and falls can put extra stress on the knee resulting in fractures. The most common fractures occur in the knee cap, of course.

.There are four categories of patella (knee cap) injuries are stable, open, displaced and comminuted.

  1. Stable fractures occur when the bone sections on each side of the fracture are not displaced. It usually heals with an easy combination of immobilization in a cast or splint and rest.
  2. Open fractures describe a situation in which the bone fragments become exposed through the skin. They are also known as compound fractures. Open fractures require surgery and can leave the knee still unstable after treatment and healing are complete.
  3. Displaced fractures are the misalignment of bone sections and usually result in a gap between the pieces. Surgery is also required for this type of injury because of additional tendon and ligament damage.
  4. Comminuted fractures always require surgery because they are unstable and fracture the bone into 3 or more pieces.

Meniscal Injuries

Meniscus cartilage are bands of tissue shaped like wedges that cover the area between the femur and tibia bones. They act as shock absorbers and help the knee joint move. A meniscal tear can be complete or incomplete; complete tears need surgery and partial tears can be healed with a splint and rest.

Tendon Tears and Ruptures

Any experienced chiropractor can tell you that there are two main tendons around the knee; the patellar tendon that is connected to the tibia, and the quadriceps tendon connected to the quadriceps muscle. They are easy to tear and surgery may be necessary to heal them.

Collateral Ligament Injuries

Collateral ligaments are on each side of the knee, the medial collaterals are located along the side of the joint, and the lateral collaterals sit on the outside. Usually injuries to these are due to direct contact applied forcefully to the lateral collateral during car accidents, falls, or sports injuries. In car accidents, fractures usually accompany the injury and recovery may last up to several months.

If your knee injury has been caused by someone else’s negligence or intention, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. Even a small knee injury can require expensive and extensive treatment which could be costly. Hopefully filing a claim can result in adequate compensation for your medical bills as well as any other noneconomic damages you may have suffered. Contact a personal injury lawyer Lakeland, FL trusts right away to settle your case.

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