Newark Workers Compensation Lawyer

Newark Workers Compensation Lawyer

Preparing for your First Meeting with a Workers Compensation Lawyer

Newark Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you’ve never consulted a Newark workers compensation lawyer before, it may be difficult to know what to expect. The legal team of Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. offers a free initial consultation during which you can discuss your workers compensation case. If you arrive to your meeting prepared with detailed notes and documentation, you will likely maximize the value of your time and of your Newark workers compensation lawyer.

Your free consultation with a Newark workers compensation lawyer may be held on the phone or in person at the legal firm. The meeting may be brief, so it’s important to be organized and efficient. Here are some tips for how to prepare for that meeting:

Document Your Case as it Stands Currently

Prepare to write more than one draft before finalizing your notes. Stick to facts and include dates when possible. Review events in the order that they happened and try to avoid going back and forth in time when discussing them with a workers compensation lawyer in Newark. Include the following information if relevant:

  • The date you were hired
  • The date you were injured
  • Briefly explain how the injury happened
  • The date you notified your company when the accident happened
  • The name of the person to whom you gave notification
  • The date you first received medical treatment for your injury
  • The name of the medical facility where you received treatment
  • Briefly explain any medical treatments you have received since then

Supporting Documentation to Bring to the Meeting:

  • Contact information for your medical providers
  • Any relevant medical records or reports regarding your injury
  • Contact information for any witnesses of the accident
  • A brief summary of any previous injuries similar to or in the same area of your body as your current injury
  • Documentation or written communication from your employer and their insurance company in regard to your injury claim
  • Contact information for your employer
  • Contact information for your employer’s insurance company

What You Need To Know About Workers’ Comp

If you were injured while at work, you probably have a lot of questions. Many people do not realize it, but there is a system that cares for those who work in dangerous environments in the US. Workers’ compensation guarantees that anyone who is injured at work is completely compensated for the injury. But how exactly does workers’ comp work and what is covered in the system? This guide will answer these questions.

What Is Covered?

If your injury qualifies for workers’ comp, then every single cost related to the injury is likely to be covered in its entirety. This includes:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning ability

Workers’ comp may also cover miscellaneous expenses, such as the purchase of medical equipment or medicine. If the expense is necessary to properly recover from the injury, then workers’ comp will typically cover it. Expenses that are not the direct result of the injury, or are not strictly necessary to recover, will generally not be covered. The right Newark workers’ compensation lawyer can review your case to determine what losses what may be covered. 

When Are You Covered?

As a leading Newark workers’ compensation lawyer might explain to you, in order to qualify for workers’ comp, the injury needs to meet two conditions. First, the injury must have happened as a direct result of work-related activities. Essentially, if the actions taken as part of your job result in you being injured, then chances are extremely good that you qualify for workers’ comp. For example, a back injury resulting from loading and unloading a truck would likely be covered, but someone injured in a car crash driving home from work might not be covered. Even though the latter case is related to work in some way, the actions resulting in the injury are not part of the job.

The second condition that must be met is that the worker was being paid to perform the action. This means injuries sustained while on break are not covered. This is a big reason why you should never perform work activities while on break. Additionally, this means unpaid volunteers are usually not protected by workers’ comp. It is possible for certain factors to be applicable to your case; thereby, affecting the general rules to recover workers’ compensation. This is why it is important to ask a Newark workers’ compensation lawyer to review your case. 

How it Works

If you are injured while working, the first thing you should do after receiving whatever medical attention you need is report the injury to your employer. At that point, it is the legal responsibility of your employer to file an accident report and begin the process to receive workers’ comp from the appropriate agency. Some states have dedicated state agencies that handle it, while others leave it to private insurance companies. Whatever the case, your employer is required to offer workers’ comp. If you think your employer is not meeting his or her legal requirements, speak with a Newark workers’ compensation lawyer immediately. On the other hand, if you are being denied workers’ compensation, or are otherwise, being offered a settlement that is not enough, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Newark, from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., would like to talk with you.

Questions to Ask a Workers Compensation Lawyer Newark Offers

When you meet with the Newark workers compensation lawyer, you should have a list of questions to ask after reviewing your case. Write your question down and leave space after each one to note the attorney’s answers. This will allow you to review the information at any time. The following questions are only suggestions as you may have additional questions to ask.

  1. Do you specialize in representing injured workers in workers compensation cases?
  2. What is your success rate in this area?
  3. Do you believe I have a reasonable chance to recover my damages?
  4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of my case?
  5. Will you oversee my case and perform the more complex tasks yourself? Will you personally be handling the bulk of my case?
  6. How often will you inform me of progress on my case?
  7. What do you charge for workers compensation cases? Is there a maximum amount that you will charge me? If so, how much will that be?
  8. If a settlement can’t be reached and my case proceeds to a lawsuit, for what costs will you charge me?
  9. Will you advance those costs to me and agree to payment from the settlement amount or lawsuit award?
  10. Will you waive those costs if you don’t win my case?
  11. Can you provide me references from previous clients?

The legal team of Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. are professional workers’ compensation attorneys. We have successfully negotiated settlements for hundreds of clients in the Newark area. If you have been injured on the job and are in need of a Newark workers compensation lawyer, contact Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. today.