Auto Accident Lawyer Middletown, NJ

Auto Accident Lawyer Middletown, NJ Auto Accident Lawyer Middletown, NJ

Personal Injury Claims and Insurance Premiums

If you were injured in an accident and plan to file a personal injury claim, you may be concerned about how it will affect your insurance coverage moving forward. Will your premiums go up? Will you lose discounts you currently have? Can you lose your policy all together? While every insurer has different policies, there is some common information to understand. For further clarification and questions, please call an auto accident lawyer in Middletown, NJ from Rispoli & Borneo.

  1. You Can’t Be Penalized When Not at Fault

The good news about being involved in an accident in which the other driver was at fault is your insurance company can’t penalize you for it. Insurance premiums go up when someone is considered a risky driver. If nothing was your fault, it doesn’t make you a risky driver at all. Even if you collect hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover medical costs or lost wages, the insurance company cannot increase charges or premiums if you had no fault in the accident. If they do increase your premium, an auto accident lawyer in Middletown, NJ can explain what you can legally do about it. 

  1. Partial Fault Could Be Considered Risky

If the accident is determined as partial fault to both drivers, it’s possible the insurance company will view your behavior as “risky.” In such a case, you could see an increase in premium costs. If the other driver is determined to be 51% at fault or more, it won’t be reported as your fault. If it is recorded as 51% or more at fault on your record, that’s when you’d be partially to blame and could face a penalty of some sort. A good auto accident lawyer in Middletown, NJ can investigate the accident and assist in determining who was at fault. 

  1. When You’re at Fault, You Will Likely Pay

In most cases, when you’re at fault, you will end up paying higher premiums. If nobody else can be held liable for the accident, the only option you may have is to collect under your policy. This will inevitably cause insurance premiums to rise. If you already have infractions on your record, such as traffic tickets or other accidents, the current injury claim could cause the insurance company to take away discounts or remove your policy altogether. In general, as an auto accident lawyer in Middletown, NJ  might explain, a personal injury claim might not be pursuable; however, you should still explore your legal options. 

Staying Safe

Anytime you’re injured in an accident, it’s always safe to contact an auto accident lawyer in Middletown, NJ  for assistance. This could be because you’re not sure about who was at fault, or it could be because you’re trying to navigate the world of insurance. In any case, a lawyer can walk you through the legal process so you end up with the fairest result possible. Contact an auto accident lawyer in Middletown, NJ from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. today for answers to your questions or to get started with a case the safe way.