Consequences for Speeding When You Hold a Commercial Driver’s License

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Consequences for Speeding When You Hold a Commercial Driver’s License

 It is a well-documented statistic that speeding is one of the leading causes of all fatal traffic accidents that occur each year. This is why every state in the country has made speeding a serious traffic offense when a driver travels more than a certain speed over the posted speed limit. Given the hefty fines and other potential penalties, it is recommended that any driver who receives a speeding ticket should contact a speeding ticket attorney.

Any driver who speeds is breaking the law, but when a person who holds a commercial driver’s license (CDL) speeds, the consequences can be more severe and can affect their lives in different ways. Many people who hold a commercial driver’s license rely on the validity of that license for their main source of income. Speeding while you are driving a commercial vehicle is a big no-no and can result in strict penalties.

Speeding Laws

Although every state sets its own speeding laws, they are generally similar when it comes to how the laws apply. In most states, if a driver is caught operating their vehicle at more than 25 mph over the posted limit, they can be charged with reckless driving. Reckless driving is not classified as a traffic violation but is instead charged as a criminal offense – usually a misdemeanor. But even a misdemeanor can result in hefty fines and even possible jail time, depending on the circumstances, if the driver is found guilty.

If a driver is caught going more than 35 mph, the class of misdemeanor they are charged with is even more serious, as are the fines and potential jail time.

Special Considerations for CDL Drivers

But in most states,  you also face greater consequences if you hold a CDL – whether or not you were actually driving a commercial vehicle at the time of the incident. If you hold a CDL and you were caught driving more than 15 mph over the posted speed limit, you have committed a serious traffic violation, regardless of the vehicle you were driving at the time. A serious traffic violation is an offense that CDL drivers must take seriously.

If a CDL driver is found to have committed two serious traffic violations within a certain time period, most states have laws that result in that driver losing their CDL driving privileges. While this suspension is only temporary, the financial impact on the driver could be disastrous if they depend on their CDL license to earn a living.

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If you are a CDL license holder, to find out what legal options there are to fight speeding tickets you have been issued, call an experienced attorney, like a New Jersey speeding ticket attorney from a law firm like Rispoli & Borneo P.C.