Construction Accident Rights

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Many employees who work construction may find themselves suffering from a mild to serious injury due to their environment. Injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises, to concussions and broken bones. In this article we cover relevant information when it comes to knowing what exactly your rights are while in a construction workplace.

What Steps Can I Take Regarding an Unsafe Environment?

If you believe that an aspect or area of your work is unsafe, you can bring it to the attention of your immediate supervisor. Then, you can proceed to follow up with a written notice of the danger. If both these routes prove unsuccessful, you can submit a complaint to your closest OSHA office.

Are All Injuries that Occur While on the Job Covered?

In most cases, workers compensation can cover medical expenses related to your injuries. The system of workers compensation is designed in a way that can provide benefits to workers whether the injury was due to the employer’s negligence or employee’s misstep. There are some limits to the system, but in general injuries that are sustained due to the employee being intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs are not covered.

What Does an OSHA Worker Do During Their Inspection?

The OSHA employee will meet with your employer to communicate why the inspection is happening, and examine documents related to workplace hazards and injuries. The inspector will take a walk around the premises and inspect the work conditions. A representative and the employer are permitted to join the inspector in his or her walk-around. The OSHA inspector can talk with employees and ask questions about their work environment. Once the inspection is complete, the OSHA worker will inform the employer of possible violations there were observed and need to be addressed.

Who is Responsible for Making My Work Environment Safe?

The general contractor, sub-contractor and property owner can be held responsible for the level of safety in a workers construction area.

Should I See an Attorney?

Many employees may choose to consult with a construction accident attorney , relies on regarding their injury if they feel they did not receive adequate benefits or compensation. Many law firms offer a free first case evaluation for potential new clients. Seeing an attorney can be a great way to help you decide if taking action against your employer is the right decision for you. Bringing any relevant paperwork and proof in relation to your injuries can help an attorney perform a thorough examination of your claim.

It is your right as an employee to work in a clean and safe environment. Being aware of your rights can help if an injury happens to you while on the clock. Many employees are afraid to seek compensation for their injuries from an employer due to fear of retaliation. However, there are many laws and legal professionals who can help you get through those fears and seek justice for your circumstances.

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