COVID-19 And Worker’s Compensation

Rispoli & Borneo P.C.

The entire world is still in a pandemic that many thought would not last long. However, because it continues to loom, many are finding that they must go back to work or have needed to continue to work at their office in the midst of this horrible sickness. When this is the case, it can make it easier for employees to contract and share this disease with each other, even if everyone is taking the necessary precautions. So, what happens if you get COVID-19 while you are working on the job? This will depend on the circumstances surrounding you contracting it. 

I’m not sure where it came from. Can I still get workers’ compensation? 

Workers’ compensation benefits are great for people who have been injured or became ill while they were working. Although it is possible to receive these benefits if you contract COVID-19 at work, if you are unsure of where it came from, you may not have much luck. If no one else at work has had it or you know someone you have been in contact with outside of work who had it, chances are you will not have any luck with your workers’ compensation claim. 

How do my benefits work if I contracted it from someone at work? 

Once you know you contracted it from someone at work, things begin to change. A lawyer, like a coronavirus work injury lawyer from a law firm like Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. knows that this disease should not be taken lightly and that you may need serious treatment to recover. For this to be considered an occupational disease, you will need to know that: 

  • You can trace where your COVID-19 came from back to your place of employment
  • You were performing your work-related tasks while you were exposed to it
  • It is not something that you could have gotten outside of work (meaning, you have not been in close contact with someone else outside of work who had COVID-19)

What next steps should I take? 

Like other occupational illnesses or injuries, you should seek immediate medical attention for COVID-19. Although this is a good idea anyway, you will want to get a test showing that you have contracted COVID-19 and speak with your doctor about what a treatment plan will look like and when you can return to work. 

If your employer’s insurance company is disputing your workers’ compensation benefits claim, reach out to a trusted lawyer for help today.