Criminal Appeal Lawyer Newark

Criminal Appeal Lawyer Newark

Criminal Appeal Lawyer NewarkWhen you have lost at trial and have been convicted of a crime, our criminal appeal lawyer Newark, New Jersey relies on knows that you may feel like all hope is lost. It is easy to feel helpless and assume that you should let it go. However, you should not feel that this is the end of the road. Instead, with the help of our Criminal Lawyers Newark offers, there is hope that a criminal appeal may work. While you may want to wait for things to calm down before starting the process, it is important that you file for a Notice of Appeal as soon as possible after a conviction. If you are interested in doing this, speak with our Newark criminal appeal lawyer today. We want to help get you the justice you deserve. 

Can you appeal the judge’s sentence? 

It is possible that a judge did not impose a correct sentence when it came to your charges. Thus, if the judge did not follow the correct procedures, then the court of appeals could choose to re-open the case. When this happens, you have the possibility of getting a different conviction. 

If I successfully appeal is it possible that I will get a worse sentence?

When your Newark criminal appeal lawyer is successful at appealing your first sentence, the court of appeals will then require another hearing. For some people, this may mean anxiety over whether they will get a worse sentence the second time than they did the first time. However, this does not usually happen and the judge will need to have good evidence to support the decision that sentencing should be harsher than it was the first time. So, for someone who is worried that a judge will be mad or vindictive regarding an appeal, this kind of attitude is not permissible. 

If I go through the appeal process am I basically going back through the trial process?

Our criminal appeal lawyer in Newark wants you to know that this is a different process than the first trial. We will not be looking at new evidence or cross-examining witnesses. Instead, the court is looking for errors that may have occurred the first time around. However, if you do win an appeal then that means you will get a new trial and it is imperative that you have a criminal appeal lawyer in Newark on your side you can trust. 

If you would like to discuss an appeal or your criminal conviction, please reach out to the trusted criminal appeal lawyer in Newark, NJ from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C.