DWI Lawyer New Jersey

DWI Lawyer New Jersey

If you were accused of a DWI, you may be wondering if you should hire a New Jersey DWI lawyer from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. This is the very first decision you need to make. Generally, it is highly recommended, but there are some circumstances where it may simply be unnecessary. This guide will explain when you should hire an attorney.

Get a Consult

First of all, you should always speak with a New Jersey DWI lawyer when you are accused of something this serious. Your consultation is incredibly important because it allows you to get more information, even if you choose not to hire the attorney. There is really no situation where speaking with a legal professional is a waste of time, so you should seriously consider taking this step no matter what.

Hiring a DWI lawyer in New Jersey

If you were ever accused of a crime, then you should always hire an attorney without hesitation. For example, if you were arrested for a DUI, you should hire a Drunk Driving Lawyer New Jersey has to offer. It is never a good idea to represent yourself, and if you were accused of a crime, then you will need someone to represent you. It is such a universally recommended thing, and your attorney can walk you through the common courtroom procedures as well as what outcome you may expect.

Not all traffic violations warrant a lawyer. If you were simply given a ticket, then the matter is a little more nuanced. For minor traffic violation that you do not intend to contest, hiring an attorney is not necessary. In most cases, you can simply pay your fine online or by phone and be done with it.

For a ticket, if a court appearance is mandatory, but you still do not intend to contest the ticket, then hiring an attorney is still not necessary. You will simply appear at your arraignment and tell the judge you plead guilty. There would be nothing for an attorney to do anyway.

Fighting Back Against Your Charges

If you do intend to fight your charges, however, then hiring a DWI lawyer New Jersey trusts is a good idea. DWI charges bring with them very serious consequences, and you may be looking at losing your license, jail time, and even large fines. If you want to avoid this, then speaking with one of our attorneys can make the biggest difference in your case. Going to court for a DWI charge is much more serious than going to court for a traffic ticket and a thorough understanding of the legal system is a huge advantage. This is a situation where you will want an attorney right by your side to give you advice and make your case on your behalf. Generally speaking, the earlier you are able to hire a lawyer, the better.

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