Facts and Myths About Car Accident Injuries

Car Accident Lawyers in Elizabeth, Middletown, Newark, New Jersey Weigh In

Car Accident Lawyer Elizabeth NJ | Car Accident Attorney Elizabeth NJIf you were involved in a car accident in some way or another and had to seek the services of a car accident lawyer Elizabeth NJ, you are not alone. As absurd as it sounds, car accidents are so common that many people just see them as a part of daily life. Yes, accidents can happen, but the majority of auto accidents can be traced back to one factor: human error.

Many auto accidents could have been prevented if the driver at fault was more careful behind the wheel. In instances like these, you need to contact the best car accident attorney, Elizabeth NJ has to offer.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation going around about car accidents and car accidents lawyers, discouraging many accident victims in New Jersey from seeking the services of a car accident lawyer in Middletown NJ.

The following are just some of the most common myths many a car accident lawyer New Jersey have heard from their clients.

  • Myth: Hiring a lawyer means having to appear in court and spending a lot of money.

Fact: The truth is that only a fraction of car accidents involving personal injury claims ever go to trial. While your car accident lawyer in Newark will always be ready for that possibility, they also know the majority of cases come down to a settlement or mediation.

  • Myth: I need to let my insurance company know I was in a accident right away or I’ll lose my claim.

Fact: If you are not ready to make a statement on the accident and want to consult legal advice from a car accident lawyer, the insurer can wait for a few days after your accident.

  • Myth: Since I’ve been paying my insurance company for auto accident coverage, I’m guaranteed a fair settlement after an accident.

Fact: Sadly, this isn’t quite the case with many insurance companies. An insurance company sees every dollar awarded to a consumer as a dollar lost. Many insurance companies will initially give claimants a lowball offer, which uninformed people will accept, not knowing they are entitled to a much larger amount. This is why working with a car accident is so important—they know how insurance companies operate and will work to acquire the compensation you deserve.

  • Myth: I feel fine after the accident, so I don’t need to see a doctor.

Fact: Many injuries sustained during an auto accident don’t manifest symptoms immediately after the incident. Sometimes it can take days, even weeks, for problems to show. Even if you feel fine after the accident, have yourself checked by a doctor and follow their advice regarding treatment and medication.

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