Falling Object’s Workplace Injuries

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Injuries are not restricted to auto accidents or just walking along a sidewalk, the workforce today is open to countless injuries annually.  Because countless people are employed in warehouses, factors, offices etc., and any place where an item is placed above your head, there could be a falling object incident.  We’ve all heard stories where a friend, family member, or even you have been involved in such an incident.  A falling object can cause harm to any appendage to include, the chest, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, and upper or lower back; these injuries are also one of the most costly injuries to companies. It would be safe to assume that these injuries tend to cause the work absences that cut into a company’s profits. While this may sound like a worker’s compensation matter, places like construction companies have subcontractor, parties subject to civil liabilities.

        Because there are certain jobs where this occurrence may happen more so than in others, the fact remains that it is likely in any workplace with a ceiling, ceiling tiles, etc. To avoid a possibly costly situation with employees being plagued by falling objects injuries, the following precautions can be taken:

  •      Keeping an eye out for possible safety hazards
  •      Placing signs out to make patrons, employees, etc, aware to look out for possible falling objects
  •      Place heavy objects on the floor out of walkways
  •      Being careful when removing items from above your head
  •      Using a ladder if you cannot see the contents of the shelf
  •      Getting someone to watch or assist when retrieving items from shelves
  •      Place items on the floor in storage closets

Despite all of the necessary care being taken to ensure that your job is done as accurately and efficiently as possible, care must be taken in the workplace.  While precautions are taken, there is always a possibility of an incident.  If you or someone you know has been affected by a falling object injury you need to seek medical assistance and speak with an attorney, like a personal injury lawyer Dekalb County GA relies on, to find out the circumstances needed to move forward.  In the event you or someone you know has been the victim of circumstances similar to the ones previously mentioned, please contact an attorney to get assistance.  There is nothing wrong with taking the time out to speak with a trained professional who can better articulate the next step, if any.


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