Getting The Most From Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

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Without workers compensation benefits, it can be challenging to make ends meet after sustaining a work-related injury. Unfortunately, too many workers get injured because of the nature of their job or a hazard that was present in the workplace. If you or someone you know was injured at work, it’s imperative that you understand your rights and responsibilities under a workers compensation program. If you are looking to make the most out of your workers comp claim, here are some tips to consider:

Report the injury right away.

You must report a work injury as soon as possible. Each state requires that employees give notice of a work accident within a certain time frame. If you miss a deadline, you may lose your opportunity to receive workers compensation benefits. You may have to submit a workers compensation form by a specific date to officially begin the claim. Do not wait.


Accept a doctor’s evaluation.

After notifying your employer about the accident, they may ask you if you need to see a doctor. Accept this doctor’s visit so that you can start a paper trail for your injuries. Some workers may be tempted to hold off on visiting the doctor until they understand the full extent of their injuries and symptoms. Keep in mind that your doctor can uncover potential injuries through the examination. If you wait too long to see a doctor, this can cast doubt into your claim and the reliability of your statements.

Get a second opinion if needed.

In many states, workers will have to initially be seen by a doctor that is chosen by the employer’s insurer. There may be a conflict of interest since that doctor was picked out by an insurance company. You may be worried that the physician is biased towards saving your employer money and not your health. These doctors are paid mainly by insurance companies and do not always have the employee’s health as their priority, simply because of who is paying. You may be permitted to get a second opinion if you are unhappy with the first doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan. 

As a workers compensation lawyer from Cohen & Cohen, P.C. knows all too well, injured workers are taken advantage of because their employer or the insurance company doesn’t have their best interests at heart.