Why Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer Elizabeth NJ Accident Investigators Work with Matters to You

Car Accident Lawyer Elizabeth NJCar Accident Lawyer Elizabeth NJ

Following an auto accident, you may want to seek the advice of a car accident lawyer Elizabeth NJ residents can turn to and accident investigators are familiar with. The attorneys at Rispoli & Borneo P.C. understand the importance of thoroughly investigating the scene of a car accident on their client’s behalf. In the aftermath of a car accident, crucial evidence can be gathered that otherwise might be lost.

An experienced Elizabeth NJ car accident lawyer knows that recovering full compensation for damages as well as injuries may hinge on the details and information discovered at the scene of the accident. Though you may believe the accident was not your fault, a car accident lawyer Elizabeth NJ residents rely on may have to prove that in court. The stronger your case is, the more likely you will win a favorable ruling or settlement.

How Car Accidents Are Investigated

Typically, a car accident is investigated when there are fatalities involved, serious injuries, or significant property damage. Usually, the police are first on the scene to investigate. If there is another driver involved, he or she may also hire a car accident lawyer Elizabeth NJ accident investigators work with who will also visit the scene. In this case, having an attorney from Rispoli & Borneo on your side may be an especially great benefit to your case.

Generally, car accident investigations involve the following:

  1. A police investigator at the scene of the accident looks for evidence or indications that a crime was committed. They may try to determine:
    1. Was speeding involved?
    2. Were any of the drivers intoxicated or drug-impaired?
    3. Were traffic patterns, signals, signs properly followed?
  2. The police investigator will also try to determine:
    1. The time and order of events.
    2. Visibility and weather conditions when the accident occurred.
    3. Traffic patterns and congestion at the time of the accident.
    4. If there were witnesses, and if so, take their statements.
  3. When the scene is released by the police to the public, the other driver’s insurance agency may hire an investigator to visit the scene of the accident.
    1. The investigator may be an off-duty or retired police officer. They may have a background in investigative work.
    2. Their job is to establish what happened and why. They may take measurements of skid marks, photograph damage to street signs, vehicles, or other property involved in the accident.
    3. Vehicles involved will likely be examined, including the brakes, lighting, and any functionality that may have led to the events or influenced them.

By hiring your own car accident lawyer Elizabeth NJ clients trust, you increase you chances of accurately reconstructing the events leading up to a car accident. This gives your case a leg up when proving that you are not at fault.

Time is of the Essence

You are not necessarily protected even if you were the victim and followed the proper investigation and insurance formalities. Gathering the facts and evidence on your behalf is critical. The more time that passes the greater the chance that important evidence will be lost.

Contact A Car Accident Lawyer Elizabeth NJ Trusts

To preserve your rights and establish a solid case from the onset, hire a car accident lawyer in Elizabeth NJ with experience and knowhow. Do not delay in consulting with a car accident lawyer Elizabeth NJ investigators know like the attorneys at Rispoli & Borneo, P.C.; call or contact Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. today for a free initial consultation.