If You Are on Workers Compensation, Hire a Moving Company

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If you are using workers compensation benefits due to a workplace injury, do not think twice about hiring a moving company if you need to move your possessions. The alternative is to do it yourself but you have much at stake. If you move something large or heavy the following might result:

  • You could be hurt further. Or, in trying to protect the area of your body that is injured, you could injure yourself somewhere else.
  • You could be observed by someone familiar with your injury who could report you to the workers compensation board. For example, if they were to submit video of you carrying a large box, and yet you’re receiving benefits from a back injury, you could be accused of having faked your injury. Even if the box was nearly empty and did not weigh much, it might not appear that way and the argument could be that you should not have carried any size or weight box.

The Risk of Losing Your Workers Compensation Benefits

If you lose your workers compensation benefits because you were caught moving items that you weren’t supposed to be able to move, there might be several repercussions. Depending on the circumstances, the following scenarios could result:

  • You might not receive any additional funds in lieu of your wages, and you might have to pay back what you were already paid.
  • You might lose your workers compensation medical treatment benefits. This could result in you having to pay out of pocket for treatment and medications related to your injury.
  • You could be forced to return immediately to work, but if your injury makes this impossible, you might have to use your vacation time or take an unpaid leave of absence.
  • You could face the loss of your job because of your perceived unethical actions of having faked a work injury.

A Moving Company Can Move Your Items a Few Feet or Many Miles

Whether you’re moving across town, across the apartment complex, or you would like to do some rearranging in your home, call us for a free quote. We’re happy to do the heavy lifting for you. In addition, our moving crew is also trained to provide a variety of cleaning services. While you’re recovering from your injury, you may not be able to do much in the way of bending, reaching, or twisting. We can move your items and then clean up the dust and debris left behind. We can also clean your new home in advance of our movers delivering your items. We can alleviate your physical as well as emotional stress of moving and cleaning.

Call a Moving Company Today

If you’re suffering from a workplace injury, don’t take chances moving your possessions on your own. You could risk further injuring yourself as well as losing your workers compensation benefits. Speak with movers who can tell you more about how they can move your items across town or inside your home.

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