Key Types of Auto Accident Witnesses

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Hopefully after your accident, you got the contact information for all the witnesses to it.
Now you need to determine in partnership with  Personal Injury Lawyer, which ones will help or hurt your case.

An attorney can advise you about all the complexity related to witness factors.  Some basic tips:

Credibility is key.  If you did not get a police report at the scene of the accident, provide the police with witness contact information and ask for one as soon as possible after.  Neutral third-party witnesses are best. Did anyone record it on their cell phone camera or still shots? Is there traffic camera footage?  How about security footage from the parking lot of a nearby store?  If so, try to obtain copies of these.

If the accident was near a bar or restaurant, were all the parties sober? If not, what amount had they consumed over what time period? The other side may call into question this factor.

When you interact with the witness what is their demeanor like?  Reliability is also an important factor.  Does their story change when you challenge them on a fact? Did they appear to have a clear view of the incident? Do they seem to have a good memory?  You will not be eager to use the account of a witness who through confusion or poor recall may contradict the police report, or what other key witnesses have said about events.

Also consider variables at the scene.  It is important to not make assumptions and ask possible witnesses the right questions. Did the witnesses have glasses or contacts on if they use prescription lenses?  Do they have adequate night vision? Was there rain or wind that prevented a clear view of the intersection?  From about how far did they view it, and at what angle? It is helpful at the scene or after to draw a diagram of the accident with marks to show the locations of each car and each possible witness.

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