Main Factors in choosing a lawyer to defend a Traffic or Criminal Case

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If you get charged with a traffic violation or crime, it is in your best interest to hire a criminal lawyer such as the criminal defense lawyer Washington DC locals trust. He or she can help you build a strong defense and ensure that your rights are protected. However, if you get in trouble in an area you don’t know much about, it may be tricky to hire the right lawyer. You may wonder what factors you should look in a lawyer.

When you research different lawyers’ websites, it’s important to know what to look for. Here is some criteria to look for.  

  1.  Years of experience.  Find someone who is not just learning about your particular case.  While everyone has to start from somewhere, you probably do not want to hire a lawyer who just graduated from law school and has only handled a couple of criminal cases. He or she may not have enough experience to get you a successful outcome on your case. However, if you hire a seasoned criminal lawyer, he or she has likely dealt with many cases similar to yours and know the best approach to take.  
  2.  Type of experience.  Look for former Prosecutors.  It may be beneficial to hire a criminal lawyer who used to be a prosecutor. Prosecutors deal with hundreds of different cases every year and have likely seen cases like yours. Prosecutors have approximately 10 to 15 times the experience criminal lawyers have.
  3.  Awards.  Look for awards based on surveys of other lawyers.  The majority of lawyers likely have at least one award. However, many of these lawyers join organizations just so that they can give themselves awards. To find out if a lawyer is truly skilled, find awards based on surveys of other lawyers.  
  4.  Teaching other lawyers.  Look for lawyers who other lawyers pay to teach them the law.  All lawyers must take certain classes every year to make sure they are current on the law. They have to pay for these classes out of their own pocket, so they do not want to be taught by someone who just graduated from law school. If you hire a lawyer who has taught classes to other lawyers, you know that he or she has extensive knowledge of the law and is respected by other lawyers.


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