Common Dangers of Holiday Driving

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For many people, holidays mean getting off work and school and spending the day celebrating with friends and family. Holidays can be wonderful, but they can also present dangers on the road. Every year, millions of Americans travel on the roads during and around the holidays, resulting in more fatal accidents than the average day. It’s important to take extra safety precautions when traveling during the holidays for the following reasons.


  1. Holiday Chaos

Whether summer holidays, such as Fourth of July and Memorial Day, or major winter holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, you are likely to face more traffic than usual. Many people are rushing to family and friends’ houses, or scrambling around to get last minute supplies. A high concentration of cars combined with many people speeding can result in a greater number of dangerous collisions. Driving early in the morning is often the best time of day to drive during the holidays to avoid the chaos.


  1. Traffic Jams

A high concentration of cars on the roads during the holidays contributes to many traffic jams. During traffic jams, people are likely to become impatient and distracted, which increases the risks of accidents.


  1. Weather

Holidays occur during each season which provide different weather hazards to watch out for. During holiday travels in the winter time, snow and/or ice is present in many regions, which can be very hazardous for drivers. Summer and spring holiday travels may present lots of rain and/or sun glares, which can be just as dangerous. Because of the amount of people on the roads during the holidays, it is important to take extra precautions and be prepared for any weather in the forecast.


  1. Young Drivers

Students are out of school during the holidays meaning there is likely to be more young drivers on the road. Young people have a tendency to be more reckless while driving, and are less experienced in handling chaotic situations on the road.


  1. Drinking and Driving

Both adults and teens alike are prone to celebrating with alcohol during the holidays. Unfortunately, this puts more drunk drivers on the road than other times of the year. Because alcohol impairs a driver’s judgement and reaction time, this can cause dangerous and reckless driving. It is important to always be aware of other drivers around you.

If You Have Been in a Holiday Accident

Even the best drivers can cause or get involved in accidents during the holidays because of the increase in risks. If have been injured in an accident and believe another driver is at fault, then you should speak with a car accident lawyer Memphis TN recommends. They can help you determine whether you have a case and provide the necessary legal experience to protect your rights and interests moving forward.

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