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Injuries to the spinal cord are especially dangerous and affect over 9,000 people annually. They can disrupt messages to your brain from your body, because they are made up of nerves that transmit signals. Spinal cord injuries can be considered as a complete injury or an incomplete injury. With a complete injury, the spinal cord cannot send signals below the area of said injury. Often times these injuries result in more permanent damage like leaving you paralyzed or dependent on a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Dealing with a spinal cord injury will be expensive, costing you thousands in medical expenses. While many individuals who suffer from spinal cord injuries receive them in a car accidents, some have been injured due to medical negligence, like a surgical error or error in anesthesia. You should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer if your case is like the latter. They will help prove that your spinal cord injury was the result of negligence on your doctor’s part. They can also launch a full on investigation into your injury where they will interview individuals involved in taking care of you during the time of your accident.

If your spinal cord injury has made you partially or fully paralyzed or resulted in nerve damage issues due to negligence from a surgeon, you can sue for personal injury. Any nurses, doctors, or other individuals who were negligent while treating your injury can and will be held liable for your spinal cord injury. However, in order for you to receive compensation for your injury, your attorney must to prove fault due to the doctor or nurse’s negligence as a causal factor in your spinal cord injury. Your attorney will help you gather evidence, give background checks on medical staff, interview witnesses, and go over your medical records.

It is not advised that you to handle a spinal cord injury claim without an experienced attorney or on your own. Medical malpractice and negligence cases are quite complex and it is crucial that you work with a lawyer who has the knowledge and understanding of your state’s laws surrounding the issue such as the
personal injury lawyer locals turn to. An attorney will make sure that you do not get taken advantage of by the other party’s  insurance company. If their insurance company attempts to offer you too low of a settlement, your lawyer can fight for higher compensation in court.

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