Man Admits To Drinking In Crash That Kills A New Jersey Restuarant Owner

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Drunk Driving Lawyer New JerseyOn September 3rd, 2022, a crash occurred in Mount Holly, a township of New Jersey. Desmond Newberry, age 45, drove 126mph on Hainesport Road just after 8 pm. The incident took place near the popular restaurant, Cucina Carini, and police officers responded to the incident. In the accident, the restaurant owner of Cucina Carini was backing out of the restaurant’s parking lot when Newberry’s BMW struck his vehicle. 

Bystanders pulled the restaurant owner, Keen, from his burning Ford before the authorities could arrive and have him airlifted to Temple University Hospital. Later inside the hospital, Keen unfortunately perished. 

Newberry was pulled from his vehicle by the Mount Laurel Fire Department. He was sent to Cooper University Hospital to have his injuries treated, which he recovered from as they were minor. According to Newberry BMW’s event recorded, he was driving 126 mph with a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of .256, three times the legal limit. 

Previously, Newberry pleaded guilty to two prior accounts of drunk driving, and in February 2023, he pleaded guilty to this third charge alongside Aggravated Manslaughter. As a result, he must serve 85% of his 13-year imprisonment in New Jersey state prison. 

It’s unclear exactly why Newberry was driving at such an unsafe speed; besides, he has a history of drunk driving. While many drunk drivers don’t drive at such unsafe speeds, drunk driving of any kind can be dangerous. Unfortunately, people can make costly mistakes and, in this case, take another person’s life while limiting their freedom for at least a decade. 

It’s unclear whether or not Newberry pleaded guilty solely because he felt it was what he should do or if his legal counsel advised him. Any DUI charge can have a massive impact on a person’s life. Whether you’re a three-time offender like Newberry or you made the mistake of driving home from the bar with one too many cocktails and getting pulled over after swerving some. 

While the law is generally more lenient on first-time offenders that didn’t cause any accidents on the road, many negative consequences can occur. There are immediate financial burdens like having to pay for legal fees, bail money, alcohol awareness classes, higher insurance payments, alternative transportation if you lose your license, and more. A drunk driving charge can also go on your permanent record, making it harder to find gainful employment. 

While an attorney can’t guarantee that they’ll make everything go away, they can help guide you through your case. Depending on the situation, an attorney can get a charge completely dropped or get an amount dropped to a lesser offense. An attorney can also negotiate a lighter sentence and settlement. The correct attorney won’t cast any judgment but instead do their best to ensure a better outcome for your case. If you or a loved one is facing DUI charges, they should reach out to a New Jersey drunk driving lawyer from Rispoli & Borneo P.C.