Motorcycle Accident Injury Law Firm Denver Colorado

Motorcycle Accident Injury Law Firm Denver Colorado

Motorcycle Accident Injury Law Firm Denver ColoradoIf you are wondering what Motorcycle Accident Injury law firm in Denver, Colorado to hire regarding your accident, our team at Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. is ready and dedicated to representing your case. We can imagine the financial and physical turmoil you may be enduring, and we are prepared to fight aggressively so the party at-fault is held responsible for their actions. Everyday car drivers cause serious motorcycle accidents, leaving the motorcyclist with injuries that may be so severe that they do not survive the collision. Those who do live through it are often left with debilitating injuries that impact the function of both their body and mind. 

Those who have recently been hurt are encouraged to contact a Motorcycle Accident lawyer Denver CO residents rely on after serious personal injury accidents, for advice on what to do next. You can trust that obtaining compensation for your losses and damages is the highest priority for us at our Denver Motorcycle Accident Injury law firm.

In What Ways Can Compensation Be Recovered?

As a lawyer from our Motorcycle Accident Injury law firm Denver, Colorado trusts may tell you during a consultation, you may be entitled to certain types of compensation based on what hardships you experienced. The first thing we may do during your initial appointment is talk with you about the accident, how it happened, if you had to see a doctor for injuries, if you are missing out on pay from work, and extent of property damage to your motorcycle. 

Please bring any evidence, such as medical bills, doctor exams, police reports, and photographs to your appointment so we can perform a thorough case evaluation. Based on our findings, we can determine whether you are eligible to receive any of the following types of damages: 

  • Lost Wages: accident victims may be able to claim compensation for the earnings they would have incurred if the accident never happened. Documents that we may need to review include statements from your employer, past paychecks, hourly wage, and any PTO or vacation hours you had to use during this time for injury-related care.
  • Current and Future Medical Care: victims may receive compensation for emergency care visits, surgery, hospitalization, prescription medication, rehabilitation, and other related medical care expenses, along with future anticipated costs. If you haven’t yet visited your doctor yet for an exam, a lawyer from our CO Motorcycle Accident Injury law firm may strongly advise doing so as soon as possible.
  • Mental Anguish: victims may be given compensation for mental anguish due to the accident, such as immense physical pain, embarrassment, grief, worry, depression, anxiety, etc.
  • Loss of Consortium: the spouse of someone who passed away in a motorcycle accident may be awarded compensation for loss of companionship, assistance, aid, services, and society. Surviving parents may be entitled to restitution for loss of affection and companionship if it was a minor child who died in the accident. And similarly, a minor child may be provided financial compensation for the support their parent(s) would have given if they were still alive. 

A lawyer from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. is ready and waiting to receive your call, so please don’t hesitate to find out how our CO Motorcycle Accident Injury law firm can be of support to you during this time.