New Jersey Drivers Worried About Speed Checks

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Speed Checks

A claim that was going around social media back in the Summer of 2022 worried numerous New Jersey motorists. The claim stated that many more speed checks would be occurring on New Jersey roads. While the New Jersey police stated this wasn’t true it still did not calm down many drivers who still were expecting more state troopers to be monitoring traffic more often. Many motorists feel uncomfortable when there are many police cars around them on roads and can even have feelings of anxiety. Drivers tend to overreact when they feel anxious too which can lead to accidents.

Increased Fine Worries

With speeding tickets also comes fines. Fines vary from around 50$ to a few hundred dollars, or more, depending on the circumstances of the ticket or incident. Many drivers have had a speeding ticket before and many people also get confused about what truly constitutes ‘speeding’ as some officers have said that going a few miles above the speed limit is still alright. With worries of increased fines from speeding tickets many drivers report feeling uneasy. The New Jersey police stated that these rumors were false though and that drivers didn’t need to worry about an increased police presence on local roads. However, drivers are human and react in human ways taking all things into consideration.

Dealing With Speeding Tickets

Dealing with speeding tickets doesn’t have to be difficult. Consult with a New Jersey Speeding Ticket Attorney today from our law firm for help. Nobody wishes to receive a speeding ticket but many people have received them and gone through the ticketing process. Some people decide to pay their fees and not fight the tickets, however, some people believe that they were given a ticket in error and do decide to fight them. If you decide to fight this speeding ticket, or other driver accusations, then be sure to have sufficient evidence about what transpired during the incident. Police officers are human and commit errors just like everyone else. Some tickets do end up being proven to have been given in error and in turn are dropped. 

Experienced Law Firm

Rispoli & Borneo P.C. is experienced in helping clients face speeding tickets as well as other traffic offenses. We understand the difficulties and stress that can accompany receiving a speeding ticket or other vehicular violation tickets. We like to let our clients know that we will take a look, in detail, at the circumstances of their ticket and determine the chances of success in fighting it and winning a case. Officers have been known to write tickets in error without having the accuracy and evidence that a violation was made by the driver they gave the ticket to. This could range from a faulty speed detector or other means. Contact our firm today to get a consultation and legal assistance with your speeding ticket or other traffic violation.